Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bridesmaids Part 4

Read about Chelsie, Molly, Kristina, and Kelly!!

Next up is Kassie Eberle! This girl was one of my very first friends when I moved to Louisville. Kristina, Kassie and I have known each other for 18 years! WHOA that's more than half of my life lol
Kassie became my closest friend pretty quickly and we're still very involved in each others lives to this day.
We have had more sleepovers than you can imagine and I helped her clean her room more times than I can count! We did everything together from school/soccer/hanging out/just whatever.
When we both went off to college, I went and visited her a few times in Indy and we worked hard to keep our friendship strong.
Kassie is someone who loves to help and wants to make a difference. A big difference and so she's always been involved in numerous groups and programs to change lives.
Which is why her going to Africa to join the Peace Corp was nothing surprising.
Thank goodness for International calling cards and Skype!
Even from thousands and thousands of miles away and no quick easy access to talk, she helped me through an tough break up and was there when I needed her.
She lives in Boston now and it's been a fun place to visit!
She's made an amazing life for herself and is working hard to help kids.
She recently got engaged to an amazing man, Andrew and I'm really excited to continue watching her grow and become even more of who she's always wanted to be.
I am so excited for her to be standing up with me on my wedding day.
She's someone that I've talked to about our weddings for years and it's bittersweet that it's all coming to fruition now :)
We've truly become our own people.
It's amazing how different we are, yet we haven't actual ever had a fight.
Seriously, nothing that's really blown up.
Maybe we both just deal with our emotions and move on or maybe it's just an understanding of each other.
I accept her for who she is completely, differences and all and I think that makes our friendship that much more special and unique. :)

One of my trips to Boston 

AND this defines Kass on so many levels lol

Kristina's bridal shower 3 years ago!

Boston - second trip I think!

I have so many pictures of us, I'm going to leave you with those lol It could be a LONG post if I tried to put more from 18 years of friendship :)

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