Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bridesmaids Part 3

Read about Molly here, Chelsie here, and Kelly here!

Now, this girl is one of the reason's Matthew and I are together ;) 
Kristina Perry (a.k.a. Bake)
We've known each other since we were 11 years old. One of my first friends here in Louisville!
We became friends with two other girls, Kassie, which you'll hear about as another one of my bridesmaids and Kristen, who none of us are in contact with anymore...long story. I think she lives in Florida now.
Any who! We were all best friends from the beginning. Yeah, we had our ups and downs like any teenage relationships. Can you blame us? Girls, hormones, boys, teen selfishness?

Thankfully, we all grew up and have stayed pretty close. Kristina asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and of course I joyfully accepted!
I remember her talking about meeting Matthew and Dustin having this best friend who was recently divorced, but had a kid and I was just getting out of a crappy relationship and really didn't need the drama lol So I kind of blew it off.
Well, things worked and here Matthew and I are!! Getting married ourselves :) Guess it was meant to be.

Tina has a good heart. She's such a sweetie and too much fun.
She's an amazing mom and has just grown into this amazing person.
She's a speech pathologist in Lexington, they have a beautiful first home! and now this beautiful thing :) Caroline!!

AND her and her husband created this precious little bundle of adorableness! Cutest thing ever, right? Right. Wish I was in her life more!
Dustin and Kristina are amazing. They really are. They are good people and we've had some great memories with them.
It's hard being far away (well an hour, but life and kids make it difficult to see each other more often) and I know they are in a place with Caroline that makes it difficult to get away! Would you want to be away from that gorgeous thing? And she's so good! 

Their amazing outside wedding ;) Beautiful!!

I think this may Matthew and I's 3rd or 4th date? We went to a Reds game with Kristina and Dustin. 

Had to throw in another one!! She's too cute not too! 

I believe this was our freshman or sophomore year halloween... We were cool :) be jealous!

And this was last Christmas :) the most recent we have of all of us together!

Basically, I'm honored to have her standing up with me and Matthew and am very grateful for the relationship we have. We aren't the closest and we don't talk all the time, but she's always on my mind and she knows and I know that we are there for each other through anything. 
We've already been through so much over the years that it's one of those relationships that I know will last and it doesn't need constant contact to blossom ;) 

Love you girl! Can't wait till August!!

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