Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bridesmaids Part 2

So you can read about Molly here, and my sister here.

This girl, I've known since before I was born...well, technically.
She's 10 months older than me and our parents were friends before we were born.
Her parents are my sister's Godparents :)

Kelly Curran (a.k.a. Coopman)
She classifies as family.
I've taken more family trips with her than I can count and I know she'd be there for anything.

She can make you laugh till you cry or you pee your pants; whichever comes first!
I have more stories about/with her than I could even begin to tell you and I love that.

She has truly made a life for herself and shown the world who she is.
She's also one of the strongest women I know.
She's been through more than I would wish on anyone and she has always looked at the positive and made the best of every situation.

She currently lives in Sobieski, WI up near Green Bay, Wisconsin and a true cheesehead.
She got married last October and I was one of her bridesmaids ;)
Her husband is an amazing guy and I am so happy for her and the life they've made!

Recently, we found out that she's pregnant! YAY!!!!
I cannot wait for that little bundle to come into this world!
Kelly will be an absolutely amazing mom. I can't even put into words.
She's great with kids and has the maternal instinct of her mother.

I adore her and am blessed to have another sister in my life.
I can't wait for us all to have our families and travel together, just like our parents did with us when we were younger! :)

Kelly, I love you and thank you for always being there! You will be just as much a part of my day as anyone else and I can't wait to celebrate with you near me :) And to be the first wedding Baby C gets to 'technically' be in! lol

Rest up and stay healthy! I can't spend this day without you!! I will totally pull a "Friends" and have Chels walk down the isle with FaceTime! lol

I wish I had some old photos of us on my computer! Classic Disney World, crazy fanny packs, 80's hair and neon colors...wowza

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