Friday, April 27, 2012

Cutest Kid EVER

So, quick, fun, update? I have shingles.  Oh, I'm sorry, you didn't hear me? I HAVE SHINGLES! Yeah.  Something that is ten times more likely after the age of 50! I have.  Seriously, story of my life.  I've been known to get very peculiar things through my childhood.  I thought maybe it'd stop there, but God says no.  He's gonna give me a few more funky things just to make me smile :) Thanks God! A super painful, super nasty looking, SUPER itchy, thing ;) True story people! If you've never had it, thank God right now.  The pain it entails is completely indescribable.  So bad, that I actually was prescribed HYDROcodone! Yeah.  That bad.  LIke don't operate heavy machinery or have any type of meaning conversation you'd want me to remember.  OR, you could totally mess with me and I bet I'd make for an entertaining sight!
Luckily, I'm not too much of a baby with pain, I mean, I was at work all day today! AND more importantly, I am not a druggie, plus my stomach doesn't take that strong of anything very well.  S0, ibuprofen during the afternoon helped and I was able to get out after work and see my little monkey for a bit :) 

My sister has been in town for a couple days, and I've thankfully, been able to spend a little time with her and my nephew :) They asked me to meet them for pizza tonight and I began drooling said sure! Because we like to torture kids and really only have them for entertainment, right? I kid. I kid. 
But no, we definitely enjoy humiliating Lucas because he's never going to remember! Plus, we've gotta gather all the blackmail we can get for when he's older! 

Let me take you back a little first. I went down a couple months ago for a weekend to visit.  Well, because my bother in-law also find joy in torturing his son, he decided to put a little spicy mustard on his finger and give it to the monkey.  Umm. People.  I wish I had footage of this kids face! FUNNIEST. THING. EVER. True story.  So, naturally, we continued this trend, to see what he likes! We gotta find out somehow, right??

Enjoy :) If I keep this up, I might be the favorite most hated aunt! This kid does not go hungry, let's be honest.  Boy do I love a chunky baby! Tell me he is not adorable!!!

And why you try to feed him, you better get those fingers out of the way quick! OR they will become baby food!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to take some of that potent drug and pass out go to bed early, rested for a fun day in Shepardsville tomorrow! I have to have plenty of energy for the 20 minute Zappos shopping spree that will occur around 3pm tomorrow.  So, if you are planning on being there around that time? I urge you to steer clear.  Four ladies on a mission for shoes in a very short amount of time?! Yeah, this could be fatal!


Monica's Notebook said...

Omg girl I got shingles when I was in highschool! Worst thing I have ever experienced! I'm sooo sorry youre dealing with that right nowww! :/ But omg your nephew is ADORABLE!! I've been begging my sister and brother in law to have a baby for 2 years now!

Ashlee :) said...

I bet your headed to the Round Up!! Have a great time! :) **I used to sell Premier & seen where some of the ladies were going to Shep this weekend**

Laura said...

Yuck! Shingles are NO fun! I had it a couple of years ago and was miserable! I'm glad you were able to hang w/ your cutie nephew! Feel better, girl!