Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hair Cut!

So, I did the silly poll, asking on facebook and twitter, whether to cut my hair or leave it long...If you know me well, you know I change my hair A LOT. It's kind of ridiculous and my hair dress, Amanda (AMAZING), just laughs everytime I come in :) lol When I was little, I had hair down to my little bum.  I don't remember when I first cut it really short though! I bet I cried, or my mom did...who knows.
But every since I really got excited about hair, I am always changing it. When it's long, it's great for curls, pony tails, half up, whatever...SO much.  When it's short, you're more limited, but OMG it takes like 1/3 of the time to get ready!! Yes, please!!!

The first time I went to Amanda, I had long hair. Like, I think it was halfway down my back, no joke. And I go in and I'm all, here is a picture of what I want, and of course it's short and stacked. And she's all, say what? Are you sure? Most people cry and yell when someone cuts off all their hair! And I'm all, HELLO, don't they realize it grows back??? DUH!!! Cut it, please :) And thank you!! So she did, and I didn't yell and scream at her and sue her for cutting like 6 inches off my hair :) And she has never questioned me since ;) I started growing it out for my sister's and best friends wedding, why do people do this?, and went in like a month before them and said CUT IT OFF! They both said I can have it short, they dont' care! YAY lol cause long hair in the summer?? SUCKS! It's all hot and sweaty and all up in my way....blah. And I HATE when hair gets all caught up in your shirts?? AHHH, I'm constantly pulling it up and out and it drives me nuts!!!

So, I've gone from this!

To this!!

I was worried with the darker hair, how'd it turn out, but it works! I'm used to having shorter stacked hair, it's justgetting used to styling it that way again, but getting ready is a breeze! and my shampoo? Let's just say it's takes me a good week or so to slim down on the usage lol, when you have thicker hair and A LOT of it, then cut it all off? My depth perception gets all out of wack...not that I had any before, but you know :)
So now the couple guys at work that literally didn't recognize me when I dyed my hair?? HAHA They won't know WHAT'S going on now! I'm just keeping them on their toes :) As I've grown older, I've started to embrace change. It's a good thing :) And lately, I guess I've just needed some change! I'm just glad it's only my hair!


Carly Ann said...

Lol, you sound just like me. My hair used to be down the middle of my back and then one day I was like "chop it." I was tired of the same ol' hair style - I had it for about 3 or 4 years. So after that - now when it comes to my hair, I'm always changing it. Bangs, no bangs. Long, short. Dark, lighter. It's a never ending battle. But yet, I don't freak out about it either. I'm just like "eh, chop it." Haha. Change is good. And it's always fun to change up your hair style.

Right now, I'm thinking bangs and going a little lighter :)

Carly Ann said...

And by the way, you are beautiful. And your hair looks GREAT!

Kristal said...

Love the cut!!! SO cute!

Kasey Lynne said...

This cut looks GREAT on you!!! It really flatters your face shape and the color looks great.

Raven said...

I LOVE your hair cut!! and color. If I was to go short, that cut is exactly what I would do. It looks sooo good!!