Saturday, July 6, 2013

Matron of Honor

Remember I said I was going to start telling you about all of my bridesmaids?
Well, here is the second! No particular order on these, remember.
I posted about Molly because it was her birthday ;)
And clearly, I have been MIA on blogging for some time now.
So, I'm trying to make it up.

Meet my beautiful sister, Chelsie!

Someone I've wanted to be like since I was a little girl.

She hated that I dressed like her, wanted to always play with her, be around her LOL
We had a lot of fights and never got along all that great growing up.
Eh, I wouldn't want a little girl following me around all day either at her age :)
Thankfully, once we got through high school we were able to connect more.
Understanding our differences, embracing our similarities, and learning how to get along :)
We are very different, but I think in awesome ways and yet, still so similar.
We've been through a lot together with family, boys, life, school, and just finding ourselves.
She's not only a sister, but a friend. I have the best time with her and I know I can always go to her.
I wish she lived down the road, but love that she's just far enough away to visit often. 
She got married 3 years ago and I was her maid of honor.
Not the best one, I'll admit that, so many new ideas and things I should have done, but it all turned out and it was an amazing day!
Now, it's my turn and she's already done an amazing job.
Heck, I had her gluing corks months ago!! lol
She helped my mom plan my bridal shower and did my bachelorette party the same night! It was awesome!!

Look at this cake!!!!! I couldn't believe it! How awesome! Right?? My mom's friends does cakes and she did such an amazing job! I was so excited that they thought of this :)
And it looks exactly like a cookie jar my sister got me for Christmas a couple years ago! lol Seriously! Only thing different is the color :)
They know me too well with animal print lol

Yummy fruit salsa ;)

With homemade cinnamon crackers

One of the best pasta salads ever! 

And delicious veggie cups!!!

She's an amazing person who is always willing and able to help. She is always telling me about her neighbors and friends, co-workers and their families.
What they needed and how she helped. And she gets it back in return, but she creates special relationships and trust with people that not everyone can and not everyone can be lucky enough to be a part of.
She can be blunt and tell it like it is, but let you cry and yell if you need to :)

She created one of the most amazing little boys I've ever met in my entire life!

Tell me he is not a stink face!! I adore him and I adore her and her family and the accomplishments she's made in life.
She has a doctorate for goodness sake and is a rock star Physical Therapist.
She runs ALL the time (makes me look bad) can't hold her liquor for nothing, funny as the day is long, and sure as hell knows how to have a good time!
Her laugh and smile are contagious and I am more than honored to have her standing right by my side the day of my wedding. And even more blessed to call her my sister. 

I have no doubt her spirit and energy will make the day that much better ;)

Thank you for being you and standing by my side always. Love you lovey!!!

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