Saturday, January 5, 2013

Parenthood (Show not Reality)

Ever seen it??
Best. Show. Ever. 
Seriously, it's amazing.
I think I've cried at every episode this season.
It's intense, exciting, dramatic, sad, hilarious, loving, crazy, etc...
So many emotions wrapped up into a one hour drama. whoa.
And it's relatable. There always seems to be a connection of some sort.
This season?
Cancer...that word leads to indescribable emotions to so many.
Just the word. Let alone having to live it.
It rips through you like a hurricane.
Rarely, is there any warning, and when you discover something's not right?
It's almost always too late.
Who does it happen to?
Well, I hate to say, all those that don't deserve it because while, NO they do not deserve happens to those who God knows can handle it.
Know anyone who has ever had cancer?
I've known 3, possible more and I don't know it...

One, didn't survive. Brain and lung cancer.
Let me tell you, she was one of those I still question today, why her...Why her.
One of THE most influential people in my life and seriously, every. single. life she touched.
She lived a life of pure love and joy! A life making OTHERS happy. A life exactly how God intended.
What did she get?
Two amazing children and some experiences that others may only dream of.
Did she have so much more to live for?
Her children's weddings? Grandchildren?
Yes...but she was still there through every single moment. And I sense her often.
She never asked for pity. Never showed her pain. Only to those she truly trusted. And even then? It was rare.
She had a heart of absolute gold and the strength I wish to have.

The other?
She survived ovarian cancer in her twenties. A football sized tumor...and was still blessed with the joy of twins, through invitro. :) OH, and one amazing husband.
She didn't ask for pity either. Instead? she embraced every moment God gave her and pushed forward.
She is an amazing mother, amazing teacher, daughter, wife, and friend.
And she has an incredible family for support!

I can't put into words these two women.
I feel blessed that one will be standing up by me in my wedding... along with her beautiful daughter!

God knew these women could handle it.
He knew that they had the strength and the faith and the support to get through the hurt, the pain, the fear, and the end...

They are amazing role models and assets to everyone in their path.
They trusted God and let everyone around them, surround them with love and support.

I was watching Parenthood last night and I was just amazed.
Every episode, they touch on REAL life issues! This isn't a 'fluff' show.
It's not about making it look all perfect and pretty.
NO, they fight, these screw up, they cry and laugh...and they get cancer.
And it's not just cancer.
It's the sickness, the exhaustion. It's the losing of hair and doctors appointments.
It's not, everything being OK and pushing things under the rug.
It's real issues and real emotions and I LOVE IT!

If you know someone that is sick. If you are sick...
Nothing anyone says can make them understand, unless they've been through it.
But know that everyone is rooting for you.
Everyone that loves you is on your side! And even those who don't know you...they are on your side.
No one ever wants to see people suffer. Doesn't matter if you love them or hate them.

Just trust that God has a plan for you.
Maybe this is helping someone else. Maybe this is helping another who is struggling...survive.
And maybe, just maybe, this is your time to become someone else's angel...

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