Monday, August 16, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

You know it’s funny I wrote that Comfort blog last night because it made me think this morning of something or someone that’s comforted me for a while now.  The title of this blog was one of her favorite sayings…
Let me begin by telling you about a very special person in my life.  Her name was Elizabeth “Beth” Coopman.  Guess I always considered her to be my ‘second’ mother :) and one of the most amazing people to grace this earth.  Thank you God!  She was amazing.  Always a smile on her face in any situation.  Always a joke to make someone laugh.  She absolutely loved living.  She wanted to make sure everyone else did to!  She because friends with everyone she met, no matter where we were.  She was an amazing mother, friend, and wife.  She was so strong, loving, loyal, trustworthy, a fighter, a believer, and a beautiful child of God .  Honestly, words cannot do justice to describe her.
She battled lung and brain cancer for about 7 years and lost that fight 6 years ago today; fighting everyday and never letting anyone know the pain and hurt she was going through. She was always there with a smile making the best of every situation.  Course she didn’t take life to seriously either, which made her one of the funniest people I know.  Seriously, she’d make you laugh until you were balling crying!!
Growing up, she’d say things that went way over my head, but as I got older, I can still remember the moment she said to me, “You get me!” lol  She just had such a contagious personality.  One of those people, where after a second being around her, you are instantly in a better mood and just want to laugh and have a good time.
So to get to my point, she once said that when the sun beams down through the clouds and you see it’s rays….that’s God saying everything will be OK.  Since the day God called her to be with him, I always think about her when I see that and it brings me so much comfort.  Knowing that she’s up there watching over us and smiling.
So here’s to Beth…Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much! We will meet again…

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