Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, I've had some pretty influential people in my life.  I've written about my grandpa, Beth Coopman, my friends, family...But there is one I haven't written about yet and given the title of my blog, it's fitting.
I've known Rebecca Drew (now Huffman), for my entire life. We lived next door to each other in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Our parents have been friends since before I was born :) Becky has always been like another big sister to me.  We are about 8 years apart in age.  When I was little she always included me, let me play with her, let me go places with her and loved me like family..well because we are!! 
This woman is incredible.  Her entire family is! Her parents are my Godparents and they are amazing people.  We've done vacations, holiday's, and tons of visits back and forth through my life.  They now all live in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  
As long as I've known Becky, from all I can remember, she was always a genuine, kind hearted, hilarious, loving, independent, individual. And I could go on and on.  She'd do anything for anyone and worked/works hard for what she has.  She's been through ups and downs, highs and lows, but she's always kept a strong face. She's taken each instance as a lesson learned and moved forward.  She sees the good in a situation, even if it's after the fact.  
Becky is a true blessing to anyone who's life she enters.  She can touch your heart with a smile and deserves nothing but the best out of life.  
On top of Becky being, pretty much amazing, she married someone who is equally amazing.  Rob has touched me and my family's life so much.  He couldn't be a better fit as a husband, friend, and partner in life.  He, like her, will do anything for anyone.  He's the first to step up and offer a hand and is more than willing to put in the work.  He adores Becky after years of marriage.  I could go on and on about Rob, I told Becky, if only we could clone him. lol He is a great example of a loving husband and father.  Not to mention, of course, the amazing men that my dad and Godfather are! :) They've been through a lot together, but they seem to grow together through it.  
What made me look up to Becky even more, and I did to my grandpa and Beth as well, was the strength and perserverance she had in getting through.  It wasn't about pity, it wasn't about feeling sorry for herself.  It was about moving on with life, beating it, and becoming even better and stronger after.  Becky was diagnosed with ovarian cancer early in life...her twenties. She knew what she wanted to do with her life, she knew she'd want to be a mom, but obviously this was not in the cards and of course, you always wonder why it happens to certain people. 
I remember her telling me the signs.  That she was gaining weight in her stomach, but not eating more than usual and trying to maintain weight.  She noticed that the circulation in one of her legs began to slow down and her foot began to swell. I'm sure there were other signs too, but this wasn't normal and it was something that needed to be looked at. 
Cancer is the last thing on anyone's mind, but the saying goes, God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.  Becky was one of the people He knew would fight, make a difference, and not give up.  He knew she needed to be the one to handle this and he knew that she could.  While it's hard to understand when you are going through it, sometimes it's easier to believe once you've overcome it. 
Rob and Becky hadn't been married a year, I don't believe(Have I told you all I have a HORRIBLE memory? Another post lol If I remember). Being a newlywed, young, just getting into her career as a teacher...this was definitely a tough situation and not one anyone plans.  But Becky didn't take it with pitty.  She listened to the doctors, had surgery to remove the football sized (YES Football sized!!) tumor on her ovaries and underwent chemo and treatments.  Within time, she was in remission :) And still is to this day.  She goes for regular check ups and each time thanks God for her health. 
Truly a blessing, but it didn't stop her.  She continued to live her life, work, help others, keep her head up.  She didn't ask for pity, she told her story to help others and she took the high road and looked for the blessings.  When her and Rob decided to have children,  obviously it was going to be difficult.  They decided on invitro and not too long later, they had two beautiful kids; twins! :)
And let me tell you, these kids are AMAZING.  They are sweet, well behaved, silly and so loved! They couldn't have gotten better parents and they have been raised so well. Seriously, I truly look up to Becky and Rob and their parenting.  These kids, they just are a gift from God.  They are six years old, or will be in a couple short weeks! :) But, they listen, they understand, they don't talk back, but can be so silly and goofy! They will play by themselves and respect everyone in their life.  I can't even explain it.  They are just some of the best raised kids and I love them to death! I only hope that I can raise my kids with the same patience and love that they have theirs.  Syndey and Ben are going to be amazing blessings in this world and I love being apart of seeing them grow up!
Becky participates in a olot of fundraisers for all types of cancer, including ovarian.  She's raised money, spoken at events and lives each day thankful. 
She has been a true inspiration in the strength she's shown from the time she found out till today.  Obviously, she's had her moments, I'm sure, but she's been able to push through and show everyone that with a little faith and strength, and tons of support, you can get through anything. 
I really could say tons more about her and her family and the impact each of them has had on me, but I should probably consider writing a book on it all. lol I think I've gone on enough for now, but I had to share the amazing person she is and her incredible love, support, strength, faith, and openness to everyone in life.  She adores her kids, her husband, her family and she'd do anything for each one, as we would for her. 

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