Tuesday, August 4, 2015


You'll remember back on the July 3rd, my dad turned 60!

Well, for the past few months, we've been planning a surprise birthday party for him! 
My grandparents, aunt, and cousin were already planning on coming down. 
We started that plan the last time they were down here, which was a while ago! 

We knew it'd be easier to get him to not think about a surprise party if we were having company anyway! 
Then we invited other out of town guests and it all began to fall into place! 
By the end of June we had around 40 guests coming!! 
His birthday came and went and we celebrated by going out for pizza, heading to Stoney River with some of his friends. 
Nothing crazy, but the usual. 
He assumed that was it and went about his day! 

So when my family came in town this past week, he still suspected nothing!
Everything worked out perfectly :) He was so surprised and we had a great time!
The drinking started at noon...yeah, that should tell you how the rest of the day/night went!
And I didn't take any pictures of the group of peeps that came. #fail
That's just how much fun we were having!
But, here are a few of them!

He was super surprised! 

My sister and I picked up some friends that came in town, but had them park at the neighborhood park, so my dad wouldn't see their cars. Yeah, Chelsie decided cleaning her car while we were waiting was a good idea. Oy vey!

Such an AMAZING cake!! A friend of my mom's made this! She is incredible!

I dropped my curling iron that morning and burned myself SO bad! My friend Becky researched and found that a tea bag helps. Ain't no harm in trying! It soothed it, but 4 weeks later, I still have a scar. 

60 means things start to slow down... Depends it was! We were just sporting them!

Gizmo found another man he actually likes!! WOOT (that's like 3 lol) 

She's gonna kill me for posting this, but hello?! It's awesome!

We (5 of us) finished this bottle in like an hour. #stopjudging

Gizmo needed a little diaper help too!! 

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