Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Because it'll be all over Facebook and he probably could care less...
Happy 60th Birthday daddy!!

This man has worked his rear off to provide for his family and believe me, it has not gone unnoticed. 
As he put in extra hours while traveling around the world for work, he still made it to soccer games and choir concerts, school functions, and all our birthdays and vacations. 

He's taught us independence and how to work hard to get what you want. 
He's taken us on more vacations than I can count (and that we didn't deserve I'm sure) all while teaching us how to be grateful and not expect things. 

He's moved us to four different states while keeping our best interests at heart; living away for almost two years because he wanted us to stay in the same high school for all 4 years. 

He pushed us to do our best and go to college. 
He encouraged us and supported us as we found what we wanted to do in life. 

He taught us how to drive and how to pay bills; how to do house projects and use power tools.
That money can buy most things, but at the end of the day, it's family that matters most. 

He's taught us how to be a great husband, father and friend.
He's laughed with us and cried with us; shared in our triumphs and hardships. 

He is always there to help in whatever way we need and checks in on us constantly. 
He absolutely adores his grandsons and I love watching him interact with them. 

He is a yes man whether he knows how to do it or not (what else is google and youtube there for?) 
In fact, he spent this past father's day helping me with a home project without thinking twice about it.  

He is always giving to others in helping them with whatever they need, never asking for anything in return. He cherishes his friendships and lives life as much as he can. 

He's taught his daughters that girls can do it to and we don't have to depend on someone else to do it for us. He taught us to ask questions, give it a try and never give up. 

He is one amazing father, husband, friend, Gaga, son, uncle, cousin, and brother. 
He is enjoying his retirement and hard work and I am incredibly proud of all he has accomplished and the man he has been and continues to be!! 

Thank you daddy for being the best man a girl could ask for a look up to! 

I love you! 


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