Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Remember when I talked about being a routine junkie here?
I almost feel like my routine, lately, has been go, go, go...

And we all know that is not my favorite thing to do.
I need down time. I need 'me' time.
I need quiet....nice, quiet, peaceful, me time. lol

And I have had something almost every night to the point where I am just starting to wear down and stress out a bit!

And that means I have barely seen Matthew. Yes, we seen each other, but it's been with other people and Nevaeh. We haven't had an 'us' day in a while.

There is so much wedding stuff left (Although, I think I'm doing OK! lol), there is so much to be done at home, in, laundry, organizing, oh and trying to do another business (Premier)... it's disappointing not to be able to do it all.

I should be able to. I should be getting all this done, but I'm not.
And that's because when I get over scheduled and overwhelmed, I almost just shut down.

I need to get back into a routine.
I need to get back to the gym, back to running, back to being healthy...
I feel like I'm jus squishy and unhealthy and gaining....I start to get stressed out about it and begin to obsess about it. bueno.

Every night I seem to have something or schedule something.
I like my nights of nothing.
I liked being about to go to the gym or veg out or run errands or just hang out and enjoy a few hours of nothing...but seriously, it's been madness!

I'm exhausted every night lol I'm staying up late just to read or blog or catch up on cleaning or DVR! (priorities people!! :))

Now that I'm done with my pitty party :) I'm handling it. I'm getting it done and it's going to get done.
I just have my moments of procrastination...

My mom is awesome in helping with wedding stuff, and keeping me accountable and on it! Which I need and love!! And I think I'm almost done with all the big stuff! YAY
BUT it's all the little things that need to be worked out and done...

Either way, back to my routine. It's gonna happen.
I'm going to get back to a sense of normalcy. with wedding planning on top!

I want to go back to morning workouts, reading, random date nights, walks with the dogs, continuing to paint. And maybe a routine isn't going to happen entirely, but enough to make me happy.

I just love structure lol I love knowing what's coming and planning ahead.

SO, once we're married, I want to focus my energy on my business.
It's something that is on my mind daily.
I want my store.
I want that success.
I want that ownership and responsibility and individuality.
It's going to happen and I'm going to fit it into my routine.

done and done!

OH and first day of spring tomorrow?? Uhh....not when it's 30 degrees out!!

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