Thursday, April 26, 2012

Routine Junkie

Hi. My name is Ashley and I am a creature of habit, routine junkie, and change hater. This is where you all say, "Hiiii, Ashley"!

Yeah, it's that bad.  This usually pertains to food, which is on my mind constantly.  (you think I'm kidding)...If anyone really knew? I might be in a padded white room hugging myself in a straight jacket.  Just sayin'.  

I like my routines.  What can I say. I believe it was worse when I was younger.  Now, I'm able to take a change in routine, a little easier.  I love my mornings. I love taking time to get ready, drinking my coffee, watching the news or cleaning up before I head to work.  
I love coming home for lunch and being able to have that break in the day.  Time to myself to regroup and be ready for the rest of the day.  

I'm the type of person, where once something gets in my head? I am already starting to mentally prepare for it. lol No, check it out, if it's plans? Say, I'm going to dinner with someone or a Church meeting, whatever the case, I wake up that day knowing exactly how my day is going to go because of that meeting.  It's out of the 'routine', it's a wrench in the mix, but not in a bad way, at all.  Now, I just have to figure out if I'll have time to eat, when to leave, what I need to prep for, what time I'll be home, what shows to set up.  I go all day, ALL day basically planning my day so that I'm ready for whatever the night might bring.  I know, it sounds crazy and almost doesn't make sense, but this is just another sign of my anxiety issues. True story.  

If I get a last minute meeting at work one day or a conference call, it totally throws me off! lol I don't show it, or I try not to, but it's exhausting.  Not just work stuff, but life! ha This is why my introvertedness gets out of control at times.  I get completely overwhelmed.  I need time away from people.  Time to myself, time for quiet, time for a run, time for an episode of Friends, time to read, time to just sit and be me without the hustle of the rest of the world.  I know, I know, I have issues, this is nothing new.  I do hope you stick around.  There is more funniness to come.  

Does anyone else have this problem? lol I can't be the only one out there! Or maybe I am, in which case I'm taking it as a blessing from God.  Makes me, well me! At least my family and friends know that I'm like this. lol They understand if my routine is off, I might be off.  But it's never long.  I just need a minute to adjust.  Get my surroundings together and I'm good! 

I will admit that some change in routine, is exactly what I need.  It's a good mis to the day, it's a wake up call, it's a pick me up, it's what I needed.  

Laugh all you want.  No really, I do at myself sometimes :) Work with me.  If I can accept this in life, so can you! 

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