Monday, May 21, 2012

Spending Freeze

Remember that time I said I'd go 30 days without shopping, here?
Well, I did OK during that. Kept busy, made sure I didn't really need to get any necessities to keep me from impulse buys, and it worked out.
Didn't love it.
Didn't hate it.
Didn't learn a ton from it. Yeah, I should have, but oops.
I didn't think about it as much as I should have.
SO, that was last fall.
A good time to try that because I had just spent a few grand on Max's surgery, and decided to start my own business with Premier, for another couple grand (my impulse spending didn't help here with 'supplies' and giveaways, pretty paper, etc...).
I was out a lot, but I did get a nice chunk back in taxes because of the first time homeowner break, back in 2010.
A lot of that went into furniture and redecorating and the rest was supposed to go back to savings from the downpayment and closing costs.
Yeah, obviously that didn't work out too well.
Any who, I thought, just a bad year. No biggy.
That's why I've had a savings account since I was 12.
But since College, it's has it's ups and downs. lol
I've really been wanting to start saving some money.
I want a new car, I want to build my account back up and just have that 'cushion'.
Of course, I can be bad about shopping and when I'm stressed, it doesn't help my bank account.
I've not ever been one to SUPER stress about money.
I've never been in a position that I had to count nickels and dimes and I'm really grateful for being raised to be independent and smart with money.
Course, when you think you can start saving and all is going well, something always happens.
This year? almost exactly a year from Max's surgery?
My air goes out.
True story.
Quick fix amount? $1300.
I seriously almost cried at the repair guy.
My dad talked it out with me and started asking more legit questions.
My a/c is over 20 years old.
A quick fix will only stay 'fixed' for so long before it goes out again.
So, I made the decision that a new one would not only be good for now, but the long run.
When I go to sell my condo in a few years, that will be a great selling point.
It's an investment (over double the quick fix amount though!!).
It's my first home and it's a learning experience for the future.
But it sure hurts when you get that bill.
So, I've been stressing about money.
I shouldn't, but I do, because I want a future and a family and I don't want to completely depend on anyone.
It's a pride thing. Go with it.
I've taken care of myself for the last 4 years.
Yes, my parents are there for me every step, helping me with anything, don't get me wrong.
And Matthew is there a lot too.
But, I do most things on my own and I love that.
I never thought I'd be such an independent person, but that's what I was taught and I wouldn't change it for anything.
I'm not a crazy feminist, but I don't like when guys try to take advantage because a girl comes into a "man's" store...pft...
Anyway, not the point of this blog.
Sorry for the tangent.
I am officially on a spending freeze.
No more wants.
Only needs. And to be honest, the needs are being neglected.
My poor refrigerator has fruit, milk, and condiments.
AND I'm almost out of KETCHUP!!!! The world seriously might end.
I'll apologize now if it does and take complete responsibility...
So, come the end of June, when all the bills are paid and I don't have to worry as much about my next meal and my poor bank accounts, I will be a happy girl again :)
Until then? I might have a ridiculous amount of tantrums mini breakdowns because I can't buy anything :/
And let me tell you, all my software renewals for my jewelry business just came up and it's time get my booty in gear!!!
I ask that you not put precious things on your blogs that I want to buy and I ask any retail store to stop sending me coupons via email or mail or anything of the sorts.
Because, you know, I'm that important and they actually read my blogs are care what I have to say! lol I can't even say it with a straight face...
Many prayers for my spending freeze and actually living through it.
Now, I might go cry myself to sleep...I kid. I kid. I'm not that shallow. Promise.
Wish me luck!

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