Thursday, September 22, 2011

NO Shopping Challenge

You definitely don't need your eyes checked! I said NO shopping challenge! :) So this little gem, Kate, totally did this, and I'm taking her up on it! She asked why we couldn't go 30 days without shopping? I'm strong, I can do it! And considering, I paid homeowners insurance, car insurance, a flight to Wisconsin, and enough groceries to feed the Gosselins (remember this girl can eat!) this month? This girls CC is in need of a break! For reals. I was just thinking the other day that I really needed to sit down and figure out fiances. I'm not struggling or hurting for money, but I don't think I've been that smart and for a future? 
That definitely needs to change!

So, here goes. 9/23/2011 is day ONE. No more shopping for things I don't need and that means anything qualifying as a necessity to live. I went last night and got some fun fall decorations for my house and I should be set. I haven't clothes shopped in a while actually, so hopefully that won't be too hard, but I definitely tend to buy things just because lol.  This girl loves to shop!! I guess that means no more new toys for the little guy either!! But, let's be honest, the dog has more toys than some kids, and that's just sad.

I'll keep you updated! Best thing to do, is not put myself in any situation where I'd be tempted! I hope everyone will help me out with this! I know it'll be tough, but I really want to get my life and savings in check and this is a great way to start!

Thanks Kate for your blog today.  I think it was a reality check and wake up call that  I really needed :)

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Mrs. T said...

You can do it!!!! :)