Saturday, May 19, 2012


Six simple letters that can completely turn your life around.
Knock you off course.
Hit you like a punch to the stomach.
Make time stand absolutely still.
If you've never been affect by cancer, it's an impossible feeling to describe.
If you have, then you know exactly what I am talking about.
I can still remember the days I found out about people I love having cancer.
I remember where I was, who told me and the emotions I felt.
I was young, when I found out the first time.
Middle School.
I was almost too young to fully understand what it was and how it would play out.
But I did know that I felt pure sadness.
My mom's best friend and sister's  Godmother was the first person, to directly affect me, with cancer.
She was one of the strongest women I know without cancer and she never let anyone think less when she did.
She never lost her sense of humor.
She never lost her infectious smile.
She never lost her incredibly amazing heart.
She didn't let cancer take over her life.
She still did everything she wanted to and she enjoyed every minute.
You've heard me talk about her here.

My Godparents daughter and someone I consider a best friend, was the second to hear that word.
The youngest person I'd ever known to get cancer.
She was in her twenties.
Newly married.
On her way to have an amazing life and be an even more amazing mother.
No one ever thinks it'll be them.
No one even knows how they would handle it when it happens.
And some just never have to think about it.
From day one, she was pure strength.
And to this day she is a rock.
She will do anything for anyone and she genuinely enjoys her life and what she's been given.
She has the most amazing husband a girl could ask for and twins who adore her more than anyone could ever even imagine.
She has parents who are like parents to me and a family who love her more than anything.

These two women never say it coming.
Never walked into the doctors office thinking their lives would change forever.
But they did.
And while cancer left one with God and the other still in remission, each have touched and changed more lives than they think, because of it.
No, it's not a blessing in the least, but it is a lesson.
It does open your eyes and it almost leaves you humbled by life.

My grandma was recently diagnosed with skin cancer.
She had surgery about a week ago to remove the lump and had part of her lymph node taken out to test for metastasizing.
She came through the surgery fine and is doing great.
No tests results have come back, but prayers for a continued VERY good recovery, are welcomed.

My aunt was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
I honestly didn't even know how to react.
My aunt is am amazing lady.
We don't see each other much and we actually don't talk really at all, but she's always on my mind and her daughter and I talk a little, hopefully to become more often.
She's loved my sister and I from the beginning and would do anything for us, if she needed to.
She's raised a son and daughter who have both created families of their own.
She goes for surgery on Monday.
Nervous might be an understatement for everyone's emotions.

It's tough no matter what age, where the cancer is, and when you find out.
Words can never be enough to explain what you feel.
And it's so hard to begin to imagine what they feel.
I have pure anxiety for them.
I find myself not being able to concentrate.
Time goes slow.
My mind gets a little scattered.
I forget what I'm doing and I don't even realize it.
I pray and know that God has her safely in His hands and will take care of her.
Luckily, they've caught it 'early enough' and will be able to get it all removed.
I ask for prayers of comfort and strength, healing and love.

I know this isn't the end.
I know there will be others.
I know Cancer will forever affect my life.
I also know that being able to witness the strength of those who've had it and been affected by it will get me and everyone touched by it, through.
That God will be there every step of the way.

Don't ever use the "it will never happen to me" mentality.
I used to be one of them...and it only makes you feel better till it does happen to you.

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All At Once said...

This post gave me chills. I am grateful to say that I haven't lost any family members to cancer, but I have lot a few friends moms who meant the world to me. I will certainly say a prayer for your aunt.. for all of you!
Sending big hugs!