Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Lucas

Dear Monkey,

I wrote a blog about you the day you were born. You can read that here.  I said I wanted to keep al those memories in my mind, but as you'll learn, your auntie has a pretty bad long-term memory.  True story.  SO, I need to write them down. Document them, take pictures of them, so I can go back and read, but also take myself right back to that place. The thing is? Yeah, I haven't done a whole lot.  I have small blogs started, thoughts that I wanted to remember to say to you, but I haven't posted any of them.  I figure I'll sum them up now and be more consistent later. ;)
I can never put into the words how excited I was the day I found out you would be joining this world. I was constantly texting your mom, asking for updates.  I'm pretty sure I started loving you at the very second, without even knowing you yet.  You didn't choose the best time to come, but I'll forgive you for that...this time.  Just remember, your auntie doesn't like to be woken up at 2:30 in the morning.  
From the moment you came, you had so much love around you, I wouldn't be surprised if you felt a little smothered.  I couldn't give you enough kisses, I couldn't hold you long enough.  You were a perfect little monkey.  Oh yeah, I decided while you were still in your momma's belly, that monkey was a fitting nickname for you.  Don't worry, you'll eventually hate me for it get used to it. You really should just learn to go with it.  Amuse me. I tend to think I'm the funniest person ever funnier than I really am. You'll figure it out when I have you laughing so hard you pee your pants.  Oh, it'll happen! 
We'll you are almost 7 months old.  SEVEN months! I feel like you were just born! You were this precious, chunky tiny little thing.  I think we were questioning whether you were gonna fit to come out...graphic and gross, I know, but true story! 
You have been one of the happiest babies I've ever met.  You go with the flow, tell us when you need something, but other than that, you enjoyed just chilling out.  You take after your daddy on that one :) You were ok just looking around, taking everything in, almost wanting to remember each detail.  
You have grown SO fast.  I feel like you were holding your head up when you were a week old. You would focus on your mommy and daddy, knowing immediately who they were.  You, fussed like the world was ending, weren't a fan of sitting down.  You want to me moving all the time and given your growing body, your auntie's arms felt like they were gonna fall off, are now nice and toned from carrying you. 
You've been well traveled at a young age.  You like coming to your grammy and grandpas house.  OH, let me tell you about your grandpa.  HE. ADORES. YOU.  He will be your biggest fan, front row in the stands, want to know everything, help you do absolutely anything in the world.  He will be one of your biggest cheerleaders ;) Milk it up, he's an amazing man and luckily, you've been blessed with some of his genes! 
And your grammy? She can be pretty silly and do anything to make you laugh.  She usually succeeds :) She'll definitely let you get away with anything, be pretty strict and say no when she needs to, so ask her for anything, even when mom says no, just make sure you ask mommy and daddy first.
Every day month you seem to learn something new.  I love that.  You seem to want to do everything right away, you just haven't figured out how to get there yet.  You will.  And I'll be sure to tease you every step of the way.  Thankfully, your mommy and daddy don't let you have your passie every second.  DON'T be like your auntie.  I had mine till I was 5 years old, then went to my thumb.  You take after me? I will make fun of you.  Just sayin'. 
You started getting teeth at like 5 months.  I'm not sure that's normal, but hey, you are a part of the Dunn/Bean family and well, I won't scare you into running away at a young age elaborate.  You'll learn that on your own.  
You were here just a few weeks ago, and sometimes we get bored, well your MOM obviously got bored, and we get some random ideas.  You were here on a day of some pretty nasty weather.  Tornadoes to be exact.  Your mom thought it'd be HILARIOUS to put your grandpas motorcycle helmet on you....this has already turned to blackmail, for when you are older. You're daddy decided to make this for you.

Yeah, you'll learn your mom's driving...I don't need to warn you about that. You already look like such a little man.  I wish you could stay little forever, but I can't wait for you to start walking and talking. Try to forget all the bad words your mom and dad sometimes slip in front of you.  Your daddy loved talking for you.  It's pretty funny lol I think you'd get a kick out of it, if only you'd remember.  Looking back will be a lot funnier than living it. Promise.  
These days, you sure squeak a lot, but I'm ok with that.  My God mother, your aunt Bonnie, always called me squeaky when I was little and it makes me happy to see you doing the same.  You LOVE to smile and get so excited about things.  You are really starting to recognize us all and be able to smile and laugh at us. 
Your pictures are everywhere and I honestly can't believe how big you are getting...Everyone asks about you and everyone wants to see you :) 
I'm heading down to come see you this weekend and I'm SO excited! It's been about 3 weeks? That's too much.  Your mommy has been trying to get me to move to Nashville for about, well ever, now. I haven't yet, because I've started building a life here, but the thought of seeing your beautiful face everyday, is extremely tempting :)
Just know and remember how special you are.  Remember you were born into a family that loves you more than anything.  We all want you to be happy and healthy.  Right now? I just want ya to walk! Get those legs under your belly! You can do it! You got the arms down, you just need to add the legs.  We'll practice this weekend, don't worry.  You'll be up and running falling all over the place in no time!
You are a true gift from God and I cannot wait to be a part of watching you grow up.  Remember I'll be here for anything. There isn't a darn thing you can't come to me for. 


Your Auntie

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Mama and her boys said...

Such a fun, sweet, lovely letter! He will totally appreciate this someday. I bet he adores you!