Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome Lucas Hayden!

In case you didn't know, my sister is was preggers! :) Yeah, for the last nine months or so. lol  My family and family friends took bets back in July about how long she'd suffer in misery of crazy heat and a baby who loved to chill in her ribs when he'd make his beautiful entrance into this world ;) Me? I took the 9th and the 14th.
Due date? September 15, 2011.  
Actual due date? Sunday, September 11, 2011.  Yes, he will now be labeled the September 11th baby, but we are going to do our best to make it a happy day forever, because it is.  It's a birth, new life, new adventure, new wonder, new person in this world. 

Let me tell you the events leading up to this day.  We all though she'd be a little late. Doc appointments were left with no news.  Same old, no changes.  Her last one was just this past Wednesday, setting up another appointment for the following week.  No dilation, no nothing.  Umm, hello? We're all going crazy here!! Not to mention the extremely un comfortable mother who was carrying this little monkey.  We didn't want to wait! But Lucas wasn't ready and we really shouldn't rush him.

Ever get a call in the middle of the night? Oh, so you try to make every effort to make the noise stop so you can go back to dream land? pick up the phone, only to be as sweet as if the call was expected and you were wide awake :) Well, this girl was not expecting a phone call at that hour. Lucas, I know I told you you needed to come to this world in the next few days? But your timing?? Well, ya could of waiting for everyone to get at least a few hours of sleep! This time though, I will forgive you ;)

So, 2:30am, good morning auntie! I have never packed bags so fast and I'm pretty sure I didn't forget anything! Yay! Go me! The adrenaline going through your body at this point, is like 5 cups of coffee all at once in an IV in your arm. Yeah, it's a crazy I packed up, met my parents and we caravaned it down to Hendersonville, Tennessee! Which is where I sit writing this post :) Taking tomorrow off work, well doing as much as I can here, and hanging out with the new little monkey!

Upon arrival in the beautiful state of Tennessee, we dropped of the 3 dogs at my sister's place, let their dogs out, and headed to the hospital! Where.........we WAITED!! :)

In complete and total excitement! Can't you tell!! Awww... the proud, first-time, grandparents! How precious. 
 We didn't have to wait to long! We got to see the new momma and daddy to be! :) Exhibit A:
Now, understand we were all up ubber earlies today! So punchy moods, random conversations, diving into Krispey Kreme Doughnuts, brought by the awesome best friend, wandering hospital hallways, making nice with the nursing staff...what? You don't do this? Oh, well my family has been in one too many hospitals/er rooms in our lifetime, usually in different states for super random reasons :) lol Whole other post...maybe someday I'll fill ya in:) But this time, it was a silly day of hanging out and chatting.  Oh, and the new mommy? Had an epidural very early that morning and was feeling oh so fine! Except for I'm pretty sure she couldn't feel anything at all from the waist down. Umm..awkward!! 

Aww...the new mommy and auntie together!!! :) Love her! 
So, about lunchtime, my parents and I decided, that since not much was happening and they were talking about giving her some pitocin (labor inducing meds), we were going to head back to the house, let all the poochies out, grab some grub and head back to see what progress had been made...
What might you say did this girl do during that car ride back??
Oh yeah! You guessed it!! THIS:
Yeah, I was one sleep girl with about 1.5 hours of sleep that night.  Whoa! :) So, fun was had with puppies, delicious Panera Bread was devoured, candy and snacks were purchased, all in about 2 hours time.  We went back to see what was happening and....
Still chillin like a super badass mother-to-be!! So, we sat around for a few more hours, Barrett's family arrived, pushing began, and a little bundle of heaven was born!! Quick, easy, and ridiculously  painful birth had finally ended!! :) Now, let me tell you how excited this girl was! Even after all those hours awake waiting.  Patience is not my strongest attribute, but when in crisis! Queen bee right here! Rock star 'waitier'. Yeah, I dominated ;) Busted out the silly stories, and people, the conversations had in that room, I cannot even explain the hilariousness :) 
 So, I'll post more pics tomorrow, cause most of them are on a camera, but here is the little monkey in the nursery!
AWWWWWW, yeah, I know you can't see that well, but look between the blinds, he's there!! All 8lbs, 10oz of him!!
And after some more visitation, chatting, waiting, tears, excitement, overwhelming joy of a day?! This is what this girl is doing.  Comfy clothes on, blog writing begun, bedtime like SUPER early...cause tomorrow is a totally fun packed day of visiting the monkey again! Now that he'll have been alive for more than an hour and has some food in his belly, some snuggling time with his mommy and daddy and more of a reality check than today ;)
Over and out, this girl is T.I.R.E.D!  Till tomorrow and many more posts filled with my super awesome nephew!! You'll get used to it, promise :) And I'm of course throw in some crazy one's here and there. Don't worry, I won't let ya down.  

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