Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's in the Bag??

Y'all! I have a Marry Poppins bag. Seriously though! No joke! I find stuff in my purse that is not normal! Like a fork? Yeah... that actually happened... I have a problem. 
I'm blaming it on my mom's best friend, Beth. Read about her here, in case you missed it.
This woman had everything! and I'm pretty sure she pulled out a roll of toilet paper once! haha Man, I wish this woman was still alive. I miss her every. single. day. I don't have the best memory, I've told you before, but I can still see her smile, hear her laugh, her voice, and feel peace and sadness at the same time...I still haven't figured out why God had to take her so early in life, but I am sure she was needed up there and I know she's watching over us all and smiling :) 
At her visitation, my sister and I got up and said something and we both talked about her bag! LOL and everything she always had in it. I think she's the reason I am always prepared. I used to think it was just nature, with babysitting and kids, I always had random things they'd need while we were out, etc, but I think it's from Beth! I think she instilled in me to always be prepared! haha Oh, I love her. It makes me think about her all the time and I love that...Every time I'm trying to find something, or I discover a random thing, I think of her.
Her daughter is the wedding I'm in next year! Amazing!! Cannot wait.  She's just as amazing and her mom and grows more into her everyday. I love it ;) 
So, figured it'd be fun to do a post about what is actually in my bag! TONS. OF. STUFF. Pretty sure I'll have shoulder problems when I'm older, but eh, oh well! haha 
First off, it's a must! My Erin Condren planner. Can't go anywhere without it!

Make up bag. With a ton of junk! lol

Including: lip gloss, lotion, powder/mirror, bobby pins, hair ties, hand sanitizer...bandaids, chap stick. and prob a bunch of other stuff I don't use daily :) BUT could need someday!! lol

Premier Catalog. Don't go anywhere without it! Just in case :)

Then we've got Wet ones, tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, pen, comb, USB drive, and ibuprofen.  All necessities, of course!

Business cards, GUM! and usually some sort of food, which by this picture I'm slackin! One bag of fruit snacks?? Tragic...I must reload!

I NEVER...I mean, NEVER have cash, so to find a dollar bill is like finding a 100 dollar bill!! LOL

Glasses are necessity!! More for work and driving, but still. Gotta have them!!

And finally, a notepad. I'm a list maker. Can't live without it!

So there ya have it! I tend to have different stuff, depending on what I'm doing and I change bags a lot, so I try to keep it somewhat organized and I'll change it up too :) 
What's in your bag?!?!

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