Monday, March 20, 2017

17 things to let go of in 2017

I know it's March.
Don't remind me.
I've been in Nashville for over a year already!
Time has flown by, but man does it feel like home.
I'm comfortable and happy here.
And I've been able to explore the city more in the last few months, which has made me very happy!

So I'm late on this, yes, but it's never too late to start fresh and let go of those things holding you back. Choose happy. Be supportive. Give 100% of yourself. No regrets.

Here is to a fabulous 2017!
I for one and one happy camper for a new year!
Last year was full of figuring it all out and settling in.
This year is for fun and next steps.

1. Let go of the belief you have to have it all figured out.  Start accepting and embracing the fact that you cannot plan every detail of your future. It's not always going to go according to plan. And that's a tough one for me. I know where I want to be and well, I'm no where near where I thought at this point and I've really had to trust God that a different path is exactly what I need. There is a bit of excitement in the unknown and seeing how things unfold.

2.  Let go of thinking that people are relationships are black and white. There is so much gray in there. Focusing on learning more about people, void of judgement, and remembering that everyone has a story. Everyone has a battle they are fighting or have fought to make them who they are. I love learning the deepness of people and once someone let's you in that far, it's such a beautiful, raw connection. Surface conversations and guarded feelings won't get you anywhere.

3. Letting go of the hatred and insecurities of your body. This one is a daily battle for me. It's one I try to remind myself of all the time. Every person, every body, every mind is so incredibly different and why we seem to think that being the same (skinny, big boobed, tall, blonde, blue eyed) person would be crazy boring! Love yourself and each curve and 'flaw' for exactly what it is. God made you this way and you're beautiful in his eyes.

4. Let go of anger or resentment towards friends. We all make mistakes. We all screw up or say things we don't really mean. Be accountable for what you say and do and bring those people back into your life. You get one chance to be happy. Do you really want to spend it in anger or frustration? If you can't bring them back, than at least let go and forgive. You'll be better for it.

5. Let go of the belief that it's too late to start the career you actually want. This one hits home. I left a job where I really loved what I did and I can honestly say I like what I do now, but I know it's not my passion. It's a stepping stone. A means to survive. A challenge to push me forward. But it's not my dream and lately I've had a hard time accepting that I'm the only one who isn't in a solid 'career'. It's difficult to watch everyone around me so passionate and happy in what they are doing and not be in the same place, but I know it'll happen. I just have to be a little patient.

6. Let the idea go that anxiety is something to be ashamed of. Be kind to yourself and  give yourself a break. Get the help you need. Understand what's going on and trust that those who love you will love you because of it not in spite of it.

7. Let go of the pressure you put on yourself. Stop beating yourself up for things that happen or things you can't control. You're not perfect. Embrace those imperfections and figure out those way that make you unique and strong.

8. Let go of wasting money. This is a big one for me. Spending money is my therapy and over the last couple years, I needed a lot of therapy. And I keep reminding myself that I want so much more out of life and that if I want children and a family of my own, financially I have to be ready to do that alone. Saving for a beautiful baby one day should be more important that a new pair of jeans. #realitycheck

9. Let the noise and chaos of the world go. Take the time to put your phone down. Leave the likes and scrolls for later. Enjoy some peace. Take the time to be inside your own mind for a minute without distraction.

10. Let go of toxic thoughts and people. Choose happy. Be kind and put goodness back into the world.

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