Monday, March 21, 2016

The Apartment Curse

Ahh apartment living...I haven't lived in an apartment for 7 years? I think I was 23 when I first moved on my own after college.
It was decent. Enough space for me, nothing crazy exciting about it, but it worked. I signed a 14 month lease to keep my rent under $700.
Today, that seems like a steal!
And then my water heater caught on fire. And I called my mom before 911 because she would know what to do! DUH
Yeah, she told me to call 911 lol Oh the way my brain works.

So nothing burned down, they cleaned my place out of the smoke and replaced my water heater.
But the jacklegs that installed the water heater did it WRONG. So like 2 days later when I moved back in, it flooded like half my apartment.
True story. I had those huge industrial fans blowing under the carpet for DAYS!
Do you all know how annoying that is? and how gross to have wet carpet all ripped up?
Yuck... I can't remember how much longer I had on that lease, but I was glad to get out.
I had a good job in Louisville and ended up buying my condo.
Fast forward almost 6 years and here I am in Nashville with no idea where I'd want to settle down and buy.
Temporarily living with my sister worked out great, but I knew I'd want my own place eventually, so I started searching for apartments right away.
I found a cute two story town-home and paid the app fees to get it.
Fast forward 2 and a half months and I'm all moved in.
Want to know what happened within 12 hours of living in my new humble, not what I remember, home?
WATER! I'm seriously cursed. The upstairs toilet overflowed and proceeded to leak out the ceiling of my living room.
I can't make this stuff up.
There are more maintenance issues with this place than I know what to do with.
And because my apartment was wired for dish cable, when the guys showed up to install cable and internet on move-in day, they couldn't!
So after over a week, I finally got them out and am hooked up and running, but my God the trouble it took to get that done!
It's like pulling teeth with apartments.
You think on the positive, any issues that occur will be dealt with and paid for by the property management.
The downside is, they really don't care all that much, so things can be slow to get fixed and they hope you won't complain about everything.
Sadly, for the amount of rent I'm paying, I'm going to be the complainer.
It's not just the, hopefully single spout of bad luck with the water, it's a whole list of things that they didn't bother to address before I moved in.
Is any of it preventing me from living there or a huge hindrance on my life at the moment? No. But it's the principle of ethics and good business.

I tend to trust very easily until you show me I can't. It's a blessing and a curse and because I see the good in most people until they show me the bad.
I expect a lot out of people and what they deliver! And when they under deliver and seemingly over promise, that makes me super angry and I feel taken advantage of and like I got played.
It's no way to present yourself or create a positive reputation and it's just plain rude.
All they wanted was another renter living there so they could get paid.
I ran into a neighbor of mine the second day I lived here, walking my dog and by neighbor, I mean potential stage 5 clinger - recently divorced, singledad situation that I want nothing to do with and really didn't need to hear about, but because I had no where to go, I was roped into listening.
Yay for me and my mom who was walking with me.
He proceeded to welcome me to the neighborhood then tells me utility bills are outrageous and his have been around $400.
(He waited patiently for me to pick my jaw up off the ground after that blow).
Here I am a little over 2 weeks in and I'm still waiting on certain things to be done.
They actually closed my work order stating it was completed.
I had to then follow-up and let them know what still was not done.

Oh Vey!! First world problem here folks! It is a cute place and has tons of potential, but these kinks and issues are no bueno! So, I'm keeping my eyes open for the end of this lease and something a bit more permanent! Probably closer to Hendersonville by my sis and fam. # priorities.

Who wouldn't want more opportunity to hang out with these cuties?! I may not have these of my own so I have to milk it up while I can!!

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