Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Went Red

I don't think I've posted much about my hair, but it's something that I change constantly.
Length, color, style.
I'm blessed with hair that does do a lot, but my patience wears thin when wanting to do different things.
I want immediate results. Instant gratification.
I wish I was good at extensions because I would probably go from super short to super long in a day if I had the opportunity.
So, right now, I'm trying to grow it out and I felt the other day that I needed a fun change.
That was red :) It is way brighter in the sun and nice office fluorescent lighting! But I'm digging it and in a couple weeks it'll fade and I'll be onto the next color!

 I was almost black a couple years ago, which I loved when I was tan :) 

 This is more my natural color. A nice brown with natural highlights. 

 And then I tried to go blonde and I was no fan.... I just can't pull it off and have too light of a complexion for it. Oh well. Guess I will not be having more fun.

And a few months ago I tried a dark violet brown color. I actually liked this one! I didn't do a great job dying it because I was scared of the outcome lol But I'd do this again! It was different and fun. 

The thing about hair color is it's temporary. Hair is hair. It grows back, it changes color. I mean, it's just hair! Yes, I'd be lost without it, but I am not one to cry about length or style. I try different things and I don't like having the same old style for too long. Maybe I should get into wigs. It'd make my mornings a lot easier! 

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