Wednesday, August 5, 2015

30th Birthday Celebration

Monday was my 30th birthday! WOOT
It was like a week of celebration, let me tell ya!

Thursday, my sister and I took my oldest nephew to Kentucky Kingdom!
He had a BLAST!
We rode a ton of rides, played at the water park and ended with a chill ferris wheel.

He wanted to ride the Mile High Falls THREE times in a row! 
The first time he cried and said it hurt his feelings when we got to the bottom. lol Heart melting. It was hilarious. Yet, he wanted to ride it again and again! Such a brave boy :) 
I adore him. 

Friday, I went back to work for a little over half the day, then headed home, finished packing and went to pick up my sister!

Molly had been planning a whole weekend of fun at her family friends river house in Indiana.
Our friend Brittany, my sister, Molly and I all went.
We drove up Friday night and went out to eat, played Cards Against Humanity (if you haven't played you are missing out!), Catch Phrase, and drank.
Too many laughs and a late night!

Saturday we got up and ventured out to Blue River and went kayaking!
7 miles down a river that has no current. #armswerekilling
It was hilarious though.
Not far into the trip, my kayak hits a rock. It was super shallow almost the entire time.
Well, said rock came out of no where and turned my kayak sideways, but got me stuck.
My sister comes along behind me, unable to move or slow down and hits me, plunging half my kayak into the river and filling up my boat with about 6 inches of water!
I was soaked! And of course they laughed at me.
They didn't realize just how much water I had acquired until I pulled to an embankment and dumped out my kayak!
The rest of the trip was uneventful, peaceful, beautiful, and relaxing.
It ended even better with Molly trying to get out of her Kayak at the shore and completely slipping and falling into the river!
Not just falling, but full emersion under the water!
Sorry Molls, but it was HILARIOUS!!!
I thought my little incident was going to be it!

We headed back to the house, got out some snacks and lunch and chilled out on the deck for a bit!
The view as amazing and I cannot believe that I didn't take any pictures of it! #fail

My mom drove over with the boys later that afternoon and we grilled out pizzas, played catch phrase and watched a movie Molly had made for me and opened presents!

They put together a book of challenges over the last year. Such an awesome idea!
Each of them, as well as a few people that couldn't make it for the weekend, gave me a challenge to complete over the next year.
Some are a way to get me out of my comfort zone, others are things I keep saying I'm going to do and never do!
Stayed tuned for another post on those. I'll need some accountability!

Saturday night, my mom, sis, and her boys left and Brittany, Molly and I cleaned up, watched a movie and headed to bed early. #oldage #wearenot21anymore

Sunday we were up early, packed up and headed home!
It was a great little weekend getaway :)

part of our view! It sure was beautiful. #noshowers #noonetoimpress

Love these sweet boys so much!

So this happened! #explodingqueso #dontputglassjarsinthemicrowave

How amazing are these cupcakes!?!?!?! My mom's friend made these. I'm telling you, she is ridiculously talented! 

Sunday the family headed to the zoo! and spent some quality time together! 
Luke loves his auntie so much, he wanted to sleep with me, so we all snuggled in for the night. 
I want to apologize to my mother for all the times I begged to sleep with her and then proceeded to kick her, spoon her, smack her with my arms, etc. lol
Luke has slept me with before at his house, but in a bed big enough to put a pillow between us as a shield. My bed at my parents in a full and there just isn't enough room, but according to my sister, 'he is such a good sleeper and just hugs the edge of the bed'. Uh, nope! 
Oh well, little sleep was well worth it for him to be so excited to snuggle. :) 

Monday was a 'do whatever I want' day. I took off of work, got my nails done, ran a few errands, did work a little, but mainly kind of chilled out! 
It was nice. 
My parents took me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner! 
Because what better place for a birthday celebration?!
It's delicious and I make them take me every year :) 
Luau Salad and this time I ventured away from my usual Carrot Cake Cheesecake and went with Pecan Turtle. 
It did not disappoint! I'm still snacking on it! 

Here is to another decade and another 30 years! Cheers to me!

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