Friday, August 7, 2015

18 Reasons you should look forward to turning 30

My birthday was this past Monday and I turn 30.
Wow...seriously time has flown. 
I feel like I just celebrated my 21st birthday. 
I am no where near where I thought I would be, but after this past year, I'm starting to get back on track. 
And I actually feel really good about the possibilities that may come in the next couple months!
Fingers crossed! 
I am not jinxing it by writing it here. Yet. 

Instead, I came across this blog from PopSugar about 18 reason you should look forward to turning 30. 
It's pretty legit and puts things in perspective! 

You know how you were faking it hoping to make it? Well, it's finally a reality. At some point, maybe when you're training the interns or new hires, you realize, hey, I actually know what I'm talking about! You paid your dues, and it has paid off.
I just had this realization the other day at the fact that I've been in my job for 7 years now!
When I first started I had no idea what I was getting into and no idea what I was doing. 
Now, I am comfortable where I am and have no fear in what I do. I like helping others and teaching them the ropes. 

A treat is actually a treat, so you savor it more. For example, cake is something you'll treat yourself with on "cheat day" and not something you'll stuff yourself sick with for breakfast.
Definitely have noticed this lately. 
I have always been able to eat almost anything I wanted and my weight wasn't too much of an issue. In fact, stress took me underweight for a time and in the last year, without all that stress, I've gained a handful of those pounds back and am realizing it is a lot harder to get them to go away! 

You have fewer friends because you've started shedding your acquaintances and dropping toxic "besties," but damn, the ones who do stick around are definitely quality.
I've never been one with tons of friends, but this statement is incredibly true. You really realize who your friends are, who you want your friends to be and the type of people you want to be around. I am not someone who needs everyone to like me and be my bestie. 

You (might) actually know how to cook yourself a decent meal. You've finally wised up to the fact that cooking can save you a lot of money and it's even a little therapeutic. 
While my mom taught us some things, I'm going to give Pinterest the big high five here because I have never been one to cook. When you live alone for so long you learn how to make quick meals for one. I am not big on leftovers, but when I was married I cooked a lot and he would take the leftovers for lunch. I've learned how to cut back on recipes and create my own. I'm not to chef, but I get by. 

You actually get Mom and Dad now and can relate to them. And maybe people saying you're turning into your mom will even feel like a compliment.
I'm sure my sister relates a bit more because she has kids, but I have grown to understand them more and appreciate them more everyday. They have taught me a lot and continue to teach me and I love them for that. 

You're at your most creative. Many scientists have their biggest breakthroughs in their late 30s, and that may well be the case for you.
Let's hope this is true!!! 

Your crazy radar is nothing to joke about. Toxic girlfriends? You can smell those from a mile away now.
Those randoms from high school that all of a sudden care about my life about 7 years? yeah, I'm good thanks. 

Things that made you cringe in the past are funny now. You know those moments that made you wish so bad for the floor to open up and swallow you whole? Well, they are now stories that you chuckle with your friends about.
I can be sensitive and emotional, but I have noticed that things don't embarrass or bother me as much anymore. Thus is life and sometimes you just have to laugh about it.

Your apartment feels like a home and not a dorm room or frat house.
It's nice making your home feel like home. Decorating and cleaning, organizing, and just living in a space that you can call your own. I love it. 

You actually remember the fun times now because a lot of them are done sober — they are not vague memories you struggle to remember through an alcohol haze. Potlucks and game nights? Sign me up!
Luckily, I've never been a big enough drinker to not remember many nights. I don't have a great memory as it is. I don't need alcohol to make it fuzzy! But potlucks and game nights?! Hell yeah!

Comfort is your top concern now, and your joints and wallet will thank you. No more following fleeting trends that don't last beyond a season.
My vow to get back to the gym more these past 6 months have died a slow death, so maybe turning 30 will put me back on track. 

You don't take life for granted. That's because by this point you've probably experienced death in your life. It's the hard times that make us really appreciate what we have.
Couldn't agree more here. Couldn't. Agree. More.

You brush off worries like dirt off your shoulder. At this age, you know better, and you've probably experienced the gamut of freakouts. Thank goodness, because worrying over something you can't change is so draining.
Yes and no. I have no doubt I'll have plenty more freakouts in my future.

You know what you want. Sure, it took you some wrong turns to finally get it right, but that makes the journey all the more sweeter.
Ahh... yeah, sometimes it blows to have to learn from those wrong turns, but I have a feeling it'll be worth every step. 

You actually have the money to spend on travel and serious adult stuff like a 401(k). Gasp, maybe even a down payment on a house!

The phrase "this too shall pass" will resonate with you more than ever. You have more faith that bad times will pass.
My new moto. 

You feel some effects of aging, which will motivate you to eat healthy and exercise. And what's awesome is, you see a lot of your peers going through this transformation. Picture you and a pal throwing back your heads laughing about an inside joke about kale or running together on the beach Baywatch style. OK, not really, but it is more fun and motivating when others join you in your health kick.
Um, there will be no Baywatch running in my future, but I am more conscious about being healthy. 

All the crap you went through in your 20s? You'll finally reap the benefits of the bad experiences in your 30s. Because now that you've been through all of that, you'll probably have better judgment of avoiding those situations in your 30s. In the words of Maya Angelou, "When you know better, you do better."
I feel so wise!! 

Read full article here. 

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