Saturday, July 4, 2015


I am extremely blessed to have a handful of amazing friends.
I've never been one to have a ton of friends and a huge group of people that I hang out with.
I'd rather work hard on cherishing and growing the few close friends that I have than maintain fake relationships with people who don't really care.

One of my amazing friends I got to spend this past week with.
She's not only my best friend, but I sincerely call her family.
Her parents are my Godparents and we used to live next door to each other the first two years of my life.
We have literally grown up together and I love it.
I know I can turn to her for anything and I look up to her a lot.

She's one of the strongest women I know.
She's been through hell and back and survived more than most should or ever will at her age.
She holds her head up and keeps chugging through life with a smile on her face.

Almost 10 years ago she was blessed with her 'miracle' babies.
Twins - boy and girl.

These kids are amazing.
They are polite and respectful, smart as ever, hilarious, genuine, loving and I just adore them.

We had a blast playing and laughing; running errands and catching up on life.

I left Sunday to head up to the Chicago area to see Sydney's bridging ceremony from Brownies to a Junior Girl Scout! I am very proud of her.
She has a bazillion patches, too!!

Monday we ran errands, shopped, hung out and went for Mexican for dinner!
Becky and I were on Pinterest looking for delicious drinks and boy did we find some!
We hit up the liquor store and bought enough to last us the whole month! lol
Stop judging.
We only drank a couple bottles of wine and a few handful of shots in 5 days!
Oh and almost both of those hard lemonades, but Rob helped with those, so technically we didn't dink them all :)

We made this amazing, what we have been calling, Blue Cukaracha!
Cause you know, we couldn't pronounce nor had we ever heard of Blue Curacau, or however you spell it! lol

We chilled out on the deck, were silly in the grocery store! Hello coupons! 
Got ice cream and delicious food, caught up and just spent some quality time together. 

This girl and her family mean so much to me and I wish that we lived closer to be more involved in each others day-to-day lives. 
For now, it makes it that much more special when we do get together. 

We were all over running errands, shopping, went to the farmer's market, got our nails done, watched Big Brother, had Gilmore Girl marathons, did crafts, and just soaked up some quality time together. 
I love the town they live in. 
It's crafty and small. 
Everyone knows everyone and there are some awesome specialty shops! 

We went up to Lake Geneva one day and saw her cousin and her new little baby boy! 
Got me some baby snuggles and girl time. 

I missed them the minute I left the driveway and cannot wait to see them again soon! 

Wine corks project! 

Cannot say how much this was needed! my nails were getting nappy!

Clearly I'm proud of my work :) 

Farmer's market! Chilling waiting for Sydney to get a balloon 

Love her 


Our puppies got along!!!!!! 

Gizmo loves his aunt Becky! 

I can't say enough amazing things about this woman and her family. 
I am so blessed to be close enough to visit often, but be able to maintain a long distance friendship so well. 
It's like we pick up where we left off every time we talk or see each other. 

Till next time friend!! 

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