Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Being a Leo

I'm not huge into Zodiac signs.
I don't follow them or think they are completely true, but it is fun to find things about your sign that really are you.
And I think it's a fun way to understand someone and who they are at their core.
I'm in a place where I've been really trying to truly figure out who I am deep down and embrace that.
Become more confident in myself as an individual and know my strengths.

So, I did what anyone would do and I went to Pinterest!

So many of these I can relate to on a very deep level it's almost scary!
  • A lot of Leo's anger and frustration comes from feeling like they're not good enough, that they haven't done enough and that they're not being appreciated for what they've actually brought to the table. 
  • A Leo's a very forgiving person, but there is only so much they can take before they finally say: Screw it. 
  • As a Leo you hold a lot inside and when you finally do explode it's gonna feel like the end of the world. 
  • Leo get irritated by people who are all talk and no action. 
  • As playful and full of life as a Leo can be, they stress out over a lot of things. They put on a facade to mask a lot of inner feelings and self-doubt. They are usually good at 'venting' but sometimes that doesn't get to the core of what is really stressing them out, it's just a quick release of anger. Leo need to surround themselves with people who know them authentically. 
  • Leos may be friendly, but know that they are watching every nuance, every glance, and taking notes of who is safe and who isn't. 
  • A Leo's weakness: Too trusting. 
  • Leo's are always aware of the shady shit that's going on around them. 
  • The worst thing you can do to a Leo is accuse them of bad intentions. 
  • Leo are the quiet lion of the zodiac. They keep an eye on what goes on around them and will stick up for the little guy if needed. 
  •  When a Leo is annoyed, they really don't want to hear anything you have to say. 
  •  Leo's, despite their notoriety for being overly confident, are actually some of the shyest, humble people you can come across. 
  •  Leo pick up on skills very quickly and do not find it hard to master them. 
  •  Leo are generous and warm to those who actually deserve it. Ungrateful people don't get shit from them. 
  •  A Leo needs someone that can protect them. They don't want someone they can walk all over. 
  •  Leo's are often disappointed because their expectations of people are too high. 
  • Leo's may be social people, but they only consider a few people close friends. 
  • As a Leo, you see the world as a wide-screen movie because of your detached awareness of yourself. You bring luster and excitement anywhere you go. Your radiant sense of humor and laughter dazzle people, but you're a private person so you do not like showing your more deeply felt emotions.
  • Misconception: Leo's infamous ego is often misunderstood to be an obsession with their own self, but usually originates with their desire to be recognized for the larger-than-life love they invest in the things they care for. They need to be sure that they are seen and heard, because being forgotten by those they love is what they fear most. 
  • Leo's are really not the attention seekers people believe they are, they can actually be quite shy. They are very nurturing and generous by nature, their mean side is often provoked. 
  • Leo's are really not one for playing games or being neglected, they will ignore you. 
  • Leo's are really nervous of a lot of things. 
  • Leos tend to have different personalities. One being very outgoing and funny. The other is antisocial, shy and moody. 
  • Leo's are forgiving people, but should their heart or trust be broken, they just can't forget that or let that slide by. 
  • Succes is not the key to a Leo's happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you'll be successful. 
  • A Leo can let anyone out of their life in a heartbeat if they royally piss them off. They have no problem letting go if necessary. 
  • A Leo always has hope other people will do the right thing. 
  • How to Ruin a Leo's Day? Being disrespectful because they won't hesitate to let you know that they are not having your bullshit.
  • What Leo's are like:
    • generous people who would rather see you happy if they care for you
    • highly self-conscious and tries to be aware of how they look to others
    • creative, with a knack for expressing it
    • sensitive on the inside, but this is not always portrayed on the outside
    • outgoing for the sake of that 'fun' time but prefers nights at home
    • shyer than people actually realize
  • If a Leo cuts you off, you are beneath the scum of the earth, you are the disgrace of the universe. 
  • A Leo will become stronger after making mistakes. 
  • Leo women: She is generous more than you know and doesn't mind being so; she'll have a strong personality but in getting to know her you'll realize she's soft as cotton; she an be very dramatic and worrisome(when she doesn't have to be); she'll spend money she doesn't really have to splurge on; she's a great friend and wants you to be happy; she requires a lot of admiration and support 
  • When feeling a lack of energy or when hurt will keep away from people, won't say how they feel, and be apathetic. 

  • The inner Leo: Prefers to tackle problems head on and take immediate action rather than wait around. Their emotions are larger-than-life, and all their experiences of happiness, love, sadness, and excitement, are all magnified. They try to hide their extremely sensitive heart through laughter and smiles as much as they can. They try to give anything they do they all because they have a strong need to prove their worth, and approval from others is very important. They want to be needed and given their share of praise and flattery. Their ego can get bruised very easily and they may end up suffering in silence if they feel unappreciated. 
  • Pretty self-reliant and hate asking for favors. They'd rather get things done on their own. 
  • Leo's get easily embarrassed when they goof up and look socially awkward. 

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