Thursday, June 25, 2015

42 Questions You Start Asking Yourself After 30 - Part II

22. When do I learn how to apply lipstick without looking in a mirror? - I mastered this a long time ago! Is it supposed to be hard? Maybe cause I'm more of a colored lipgloss girl than straight lipstick.

23. Is this the year I take my makeup off EVERY NIGHT before I go to bed? - I know what not taking your makeup off does. Plus, what girl doesn't love rubbing her eyes after her makeup is off or when they wake up in the morning? You cannot do that with full makeup on...and not scratch your eyes out with mascara flakes. Just sayin'.

24. Should I start using concealer? Is concealer foundation? When does the primer go on?! HALP!  - I've been using concealer for years... OMG I feel so old!

25. Where did these neck wrinkles come from? Is this just my neck now? - Remember that facials who told me I needed eye cream? Well, I'm pretty goo at moisturizing, so apparently my necks good to go. #closecall

26. How many creams are too many creams to put on your face?  - I've been trying to weed out and scale down all the crap I have. This is one of those things. It should not take that many products to make yourself look better! Whoa!

27. Should I learn to cook?  - Cooking for one blows. Nope! I'll stick to my crockpot meals, Chinese takeout, salads, and wine. Thank you very much!

28. Should I freeze my eggs? Is that really a thing?  - Once I get a better paying career rolling and I still haven't found someone, I am so not freezing eggs, I am artificially inseminating those eggs and doing it on my own! Boom!

29. Should I actually go out on a Tuesday night?  - I'm having heart palpitations things about being out on a weeknight past 9pm... I think that answers that question!

30. Is this the job I thought I would have by now?  - No, no, and no. But that's what life has dealt me and I've been very lucky to be where I am for so long.

31. Missed 30 under 30 but is it still possible to make 40 under 40? - Kind of makes me tired thinking about it.

32. Will I ever have enough money to own property?  - Remember those awesome parents I mentioned in one of these? Yeah, they raised me right and taught me about saving and spending and life. Guess I can knock that off my list!

33. Should I be saving up for a down payment on something? How do I do that?  - I'd lend you my dad, but he's pretty occupied with me and my sister...

34. How does anyone ever have that much money?  - I ask myself that question all the time.

35. How does anyone decide to stay in the same place for forever? - I've moved around enough in life that I cannot answer this nor do I want to. I expect to be somewhere else at some point in the future and am totally game for it!

36. Am I my mother? Oh god, I'm my mother! - I am very much life my mother and I am A-OK with that!

37. Is it still OK to spend $15 on T-shirts? - I'm become a bit more stingy with my clothes spending, Seems a little steep, huh?? EEK

38. Should I still wear t-shirts? Should I wear ~blouses~ now?  - Yeah, I'll never give up my t-shirts. Sorry!

39. What about skinny jeans? - As long as my butt fits into these and I don't look like a sausage? I ain't giving these up either! It's basically the only jean I wear!

40. Are certain stores completely off the table?! AHH, FASHION! - YES and YES. There are some stores that are absolutely, positively, completely off limits at certain ages! If you don't know which ones, I can't help you...

41. Is it OK to still have a roommate? What if I have a roommate until I'm 40? - Considering I am selling my condo and moving in with Molly. I pretty much want to cry after this question....

42. What is this music? Is it possible to get exhausted from trying to pretend I know what band this is?  - I love music too much. I don't think I could ever get exhausted by it.

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Lori said...

You are so funny! And perfect, just the way you are!