Wednesday, June 24, 2015

42 Questions You Start Asking Yourself After 30 - Part I

I came across this on Facebook and although I'm not quite 30 (t-6 weeks), I can relate to a lot of these and luckily, I found it pretty humorous!
You can find the full article here with fun Gif's to go along with some of the questions.
I'm turning this into a two parter cause I added commentary and if I did all of them in one, well you'd never ready them...


1. Am I doing life right? - This is a daily question lol Maybe for anyone, but especially for a single someone in their late twenties/early thirties. Guess it's one of those questions that you never get a straight answer. You just gotta roll with it.

2. What does 30 really look like anyway? I'm wearing a romper!! - I about died at the romper part because I own a couple of them and my less-fashinista friends/family think I'm a total dork. Yet, just the other day I had a conversation with my mom about my wardrobe and that in-between, 'can I still wear this and not look too young or like I'm trying to hard' phase of my closet. Oy Vey...

3. Is it my eyes? Do my eyes look 30? - I got a facial a couple months ago and she told me I needed to start eye cream. It was never too early. WHAT?? I'm going through enough mid-life crisis moments here lady, I do not need someone telling me I'm getting wrinkly before I turn 30!

4. Will my knees start to hurt now? - Totally attributing this to my mother and her bad knees. Could also be from sports or shoes or exercise, but I'm blaming genetics cause it sounds more legit :)

5. On a scale of zero to 'not at all', how much do I actually care? - This one gets more real as I get older. Or maybe since the last couple years. I've said before, I feel like I've grown cold from getting hurt. I tend to care less and less about things that just don't seem to matter or warrant my time and energy.

6. Should I take up a hobby like sewing? or cats? - Luckily, I'll never be the 'cat lady', dog lady maybe, but never the cat lady. And I have no patience for sewing...

7. Do I have a 401(k)? - I grew up with awesome parens who explained these things to me. And when I got my big girl job I totally jumped on the 401(k) bandwagon right away almost 3 years in...oops!

8. Really? I was smart enough to do that? Is there any money in it? - Lord knows I am trying my best to find my niche in this world in a career that I thrive in and can be proud of... God willing, it'll happen soon!

9. Can I cash it out and move to a far away island? Would my parents kill me? - I researched the price of beach houses in 3 locations the other day... If I could, I would. Believe me! and Yes, my parents would kill me. They raised me better than that! Which is why I will not be buying a beach house to run away to anytime soon.

10. Is this third glad of wine going to ruin my life come tomorrow? - Yeah, I've learned in the past year that while I can hold my alcohol, my body doesn't like me much for it anymore.

11. Am I too old to read those YA novels? - I'm going to go with no. If grown women are reading about vampires and that series is considered YA, then they are all fair game.

12. Does the hashtag #ThisIsThirty ever get old? - So I am not a tweeter and have never heard of this hashtag, so I'm just gonna move on to #13.

13. What is Snapchat? - I saw some teenage girl making ridiculous faces at the mall a while back and then heard her say something about Snapchat to her grandma... I had to google it and I still don't understand nor do I want to. #nobodygottimefor8socialmediastreams

14. How can someone that is refusing to respond to a test immediately favorite a tweet? - So refer to #12 in that I don't tweet, so this has no relevance.

15. How can anyone not know who the Golden Girls are? - I'm thankful I do know and actually watched them. #noshame

16. Should I like babies now? - OMG the GIF for this one is hilarious!! And I've always loved babies and want nothing more than to have a family and kids. SO yes, I should like babies now!

17. Am I the only one without a baby? - I'd say yes, but luckily I have, oh, 2 friends left without kids...

18. Have all my friends actually just turned into babies? - I'm grateful for my small group of close friends. We all have our moments in life, but we're powering through, tears and all!

19. Are my friends trying to make me go bankrupt with all these weddings? - I am SO glad that wedding 'season's for me are over! I have been in all the weddings I believe I will ever be in! Thank goodness!

20. Why do I need to attend a first birthday party? - Um, hello! 1st birthday parties are way more about the parents making it through an entire year, keeping their child alive, and not going completely insane, that it is about the child! DUH, I mean, the kid is usually sleeping through half, if not all of their party anyway! lol

21. Will I still be friends with these people when I get married? - If you choose your friends wisely, yes!

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