Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What Your Coffee Says About You

I've been drinking coffee since I was about 15 or so.
Thanks to a cruise and my best friend/sister Kelly!
And I think how you drink your coffee can say a lot about you. 
Not bad, not good, just something. And for me, it's pretty spot on. 
I'm a black coffee drinker. 
I like my coffee straight up like I like my whiskey. 
But I also like my latte's. 

Here is what those drinks say about me;

Black coffee drinkers were found to be ‘no-nonsense’ individuals and straightforward.
They liked to keep things simple, could be quiet and moody, and were set in their ways.
Being abrupt and dismissive were also common personality traits.
This is pretty straight forward for me. I hate fake. I hate surface conversation and can definitely be quiet and moody. 
OH and I get more set in my ways the older I get! lol 

Latte drinkers tended to be more neurotic and eager to please people.
They were happy to go out of their way to help others – but didn’t take great care of themselves.
I'm usually a 'yes' person. I'll do things whether I want to or not to help. I've been known to overwhelm myself with doing too much by saying yes, but have started learning to say no, without reason, in the last couple years. 
And neurotic? Well, my anxiety probably shows that more. 
Thus is my life!

Grab your favorite coffee and check out what your drink says about you, here

The survey assessed numerous common personality styles and psychological traits including introversion and extraversion; patience; perfectionism; warmth; vigilance; sensitivity; and social boldness, among others.

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