Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You Just Can't Beat Family

My grandparents, one of my aunts, her daughter, and her daughter's stepson all came down last week to visit!
We don't get to see them often so it's just nice to have fun with them.
We laugh a lot and goof around like we are children :)
I took off a few days of work so I could spend some time with them.
We hung out, ran errands, shopped, drank, and ate most of the first day.
Can't beat that!
We took them down to Nashville Thursday to visit with Chelsie and my nephews.
They'd never been down to her house and of course we had to see the boys!!
It was a blast and I wish they could have stayed longer!
I had to go back to work Friday, but met up with them for pizza that night and I realized how much I miss them without ever living close enough to them!
My family has always been apart because we've moved so much.
They all still live in Northern Wisconsin and between work schedules and travel, it's just hard to make it work more often...
Guess that's what FaceTime and phones are for, right?

Hopefully they'll be back again soon :)

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