Friday, March 27, 2015

That Time I Taught My 3 Year Old Nephew to Say Crap

I admit, I'm the aunt that totally gets him to say random and stupid things.
Including, "Hold my hippy cup and watch this!" oh and Popo, instead of Police, so when he was playing with his toy police car, he'd call it the popo. High-larious!
One day he'll look back and thank me.
Right now, I must tread lightly, as my sister and brother in-law may or may not let me see him every again.

I went down last weekend for a visit.
Just to hang out and get a little one on one time with the boys.
Luke was super snuggly and playful and we had a great ole time!

Sunday morning we were playing a game on their TV.
An app called Crossy Roads.
You should not go and download this game immediately on your phone or iPad!
It will not completely consume your life, as you try to get every character and animal ever made across busy streets and fast streams of water.
It's frogger on steroids yet nostalgic with its old style nintendo look.
True story.

So as any mature adult does, I got into the game and it pissed me off when I'd died and I showed my frustrating by blurting out 'Oh, CRAP' and without a beat, Lucas quickly repeated, Oh, CRAP!
And because of my maturity, I immediately started laughing and had to cover my face so he wouldn't see my smile.
The good mother that my sister is, quickly corrected him and me and life moved on.
I have yet to get the text that he said it again, so I'm in the clear thus far, but I have the mouth of a sailor these days and when Luke was a baby it didn't matter...
Not so much now that he is like a parrot.
Seriously. He repeats everything!
Wait, he repeats everything I say!
Mom and dad? Yeah, he has already learned selective hearing...
I'm just glad that's the word I blurted and nothing worse.

Good Lord, I hope I can sensor myself better around them as Jackson grows up.
Otherwise, it was nice knowing ya kids!

The kid loves selfies. It's a bit ridiculous. And knows how to work an iPhone better than me. 
I'm thankful Gizmo can't talk because the things that dog would repeat! WHOA

Luckily, I got a text from my sister this week letting me know that Lucas informed her, he was 'Ashley's boy'.
For now, I'm still on the good list!
Let's hope it stays that way!

Happy Friday! I'm off to stuff my face and drink wine at book club!

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