Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's a Puppy Party!

A friend of my from Church has two Beavar puppies.
OMG call the police because it is cuteness overload at my house right now!
I've had them since Friday and I'm in love.
The two of the combined don't equal Gizmo's weight and he's only 9 lbs! (maybe a bit more. He tends to harbor the winter fat like a champ and we really need some nice weather to be out walking in again)

Tell me these two are not the most adorable little babies you've ever seen!

Meet Alle!

And Vivi!

Vivi loves Gizmo! Gizmo...not so much on the Vivi...

Umm...how adorable?!?!

These precious bundles leave tomorrow :( And this fur momma has been looking at getting Gizmo a sister :) I'm debating whether a new puppy will be worth my super attached baby hating me for a long time... but on the other hand he may love me for getting him a playmate! 

Decisions decisions! 

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