Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I started writing this about a week ago. I knew that March 23rd was approaching fast and I'd be reliving the day you left this world so suddenly. I'm just not sure I was ready to face it or maybe I just didn't know what to say.  Like if I didn't acknowledge it, maybe it didn't happen. Like maybe an entire year without you didn't just fly by, yet seem so to drag on...
It's one of the few moments I'l always remember. It was a beautiful day. Unseasonably warm and clear skies. 
I had gone to Church and come home to change and run some errands. 
I was standing in Home Goods when mom and dad called and I didn't know if I'd make it out of the store to my car before falling apart. 
I remember sitting in the parking lot unable to breathe and telling them 'no' repeatedly. 
I remember calling Molly and barely being able to tell her what was wrong. 
I remember driving home and collapsing in my living room just numb from the fact that you were no longer here. 
That there were no goodbyes.
You were just gone...
I'm not sure if you truly understand how you've touched so many lives in so many ways.
You were a best friend, husband, father, grandfather, father in-law, son, Godfather, and all around amazing person in this world. 
You made friends wherever you went and were incredibly genuine. 
You could make anyone feel special just by being around them. 
Your laugh was contagious and your smile lit up a room. 
Your stories and advice, your heart and the love you gave, will never be forgotten. 
I know we didn't talk often or even see each other enough throughout our lives, but family is family and there was a connection and bond there that could never be broken. 
You were and always will be in my thoughts. 
I know you are watching over us all and I know that you always will, but it's always going to be hard knowing you won't physically be there anymore to give hugs and make us smile. 

We miss you. So much. 

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