Monday, February 23, 2015

So Much for That

So, I'm trying to 'train' Gizmo again (yes, at 3 years old) because he thinks it is Ok to go potty in the house at times and can be VERY stubborn when he is outside and won't go if he just doesn't feel like it. He is not a 'go on command' dog and when I have the time to walk him, not an issue. But when it snows 6 inches and he can't smell the grass or walk on the snow because it's taller than him... This poses to be an issue at times.
I decided to start locking him in my kitchen with food, water, his bed and a puppy training pad... Today was the first day I tried this and at lunch, this is the mess I came home to. With my little stink greeting me at the door. 

The little shit, dumped his food all over the kitchen and managed to bust out from the gate... Oy vey!

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Crystal said...

What a little turd!!!!