Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TN Warrior Dash

I've been a pretty consistent runner for the past 8 years or so, some years more than others, but whatever.
I've run approx 7 half marathons and a dozen 5K's.
It's the fun and thrill of the race on top of fitness and running being a great way for me to clear my head and keep my life in balance.
True story.

Chelsie and I decided it'd be fun to do one of those obstacle races.
She found one on TN just south of Nashville and we signed up!

We ran it this past Saturday and OMG! I felt like I had never worked out in my life!
The start of the race is STRAIGHT up hill!
I'm not even joking. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't because I was so flabbergasted by the fact that this 'moderately' hilly race, was about to kick my butt before I even started!

But, we powered through and finished the race!
The first mile was a tough one. Up hill most of the way and through dirt, rocks, tall grass, and gravel.
The terrain alone was difficult, but add in judd piles, climbing up wooden obstacles, barb wire, fire etc, and you have yourself one big challenge!

Absolutely, totally worth it though :) no joke! Here is the site to all warrior dashes including all the fun obstacles we went through!

I am still sore to this day, but man I'd do it again tomorrow!

The pictures here do not show justice to how dirty we were! The first obstacle was a mud trench and the last two included a huge puddle of mud, so deep we were submersed and walking through a huge judd pile while climbing under barb wire...

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