Monday, September 8, 2014

Rhode Island Wedding

I am SO incredibly late on this post...I've had it drafted for a while, just never finished it.
In fact, I haven't even gotten on this ole blog here for a while and I'm OK with it.
Sometimes life just has to come first.
And boy has there been some life going on! And I just haven't been in a sharing mood.
So, it is time to play catch up...and hopefully some future posts scheduled :)

I was up in RI and MA for one of my best friends weddings back in June.
I flew up Friday morning and Kristina and Dustin picked me up from the airport because they are awesome and I didn't want to have to rent a car.
They were my chauffeur for the weekend :)
We drove up the coast and stopped at a little fish fry place that was delicious!
You can't go up to New England and not eat fish.
It would just be wrong.
So, we got to the hotel and hung out, got cleaned up and then headed to a dinner Friday for everyone.
It was outside on the water at a gorgeous location!

So much food, so many people.
It was fabulous.
And Andrew's dad made a hilarious speech!

Saturday we ventured out to this amazing place where there are beautiful homes all along the water! It's a few mile loop I think. We did not go all the way to the end and back, but it was still such a wonderful day!

And Saturday night was the ceremony and reception.
They were actually already married.
They went to the courthouse earlier in the week and got legally married.
Neither are super Christian and the person that moderated the ceremony is not ordained, but a great family friend.
Kass had all of her best friends in the wedding, singing, doing speeches and helping out in the days before.
They entire ceremony was beautiful!
Outside, small, intimate and a perfect for the couple.
The entire ceremony and reception took pace on a farm.
Gorgeous! With animals around and the reception was in a barn.
They did an awesome job decorating!

It was wonderful watching them embark on their next journey together.
They recently purchased a condo up in MA and have been renovating!
Can't wait to head up and visit so I can see their precious new home!
I adore Andrew and have since they got together.
They are an amazing couple and are they kind of people that will always have great things happening in their lives.
They have great jobs and futures ahead!!
Congrats Kass and Andrew! love you both!

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