Monday, September 29, 2014

Home Renovations!

So I haven't done much to my condo since I moved in over 4 years ago...
Yeah, I got comfortable. 
I love the colors that were already here and really only painting my bedroom and master bathroom. 
Well, I'm almost 30 and an apple green bedroom is just not the ideal color. 
I loved it at first, it was great! Totally fitting to who I was then and where I was going. 
After a few years, I figured I'd be looking for a house. 
So my decorating excitement left the condo and went on to bigger and better! 
But, since that dream is going to be pushed off a while longer, I figured it was time for a nice upgrade :)
I went and looked at other condos, thinking I would just pay for some upgrades and not have to do all the work. 
Booo, totally not the case.
In fact, it seems I pretty much have one of the best deals in town!
other places were looking for 10-15 thousand more than what mine was worth, but way less amenities and upgrades! 
Um, no thanks. I have awesome, quiet neighbors, a perfect location, a garage, pool, great lawn care, snow removal, etc. 
Why would I change that?! 
Here I will stay for at least a couple more years and it was time for a 'fresh' start. 
At first, I painted my bedroom. 
Like I said. It was time. 
It went from apple green to white! 
I was thinking tranquil and calming. 
I have dark cherry furniture and a white comforter. 
I added teal and gray accents and I love it! 

Then I decided to renovate my kitchen. 
I looked an Home Depot for new tile for the kitchen, entryway, and both bathrooms, but I'm in a battle right now with the subfloor of my condo and getting proof it'll support tile. Blah. 

In the meantime, I decided to paint my cabinets and change from the bold red paint to a more soothing grayish color. 
It took, what feels like, FOREVER, but in reality, just about a week solid. 
My mom helped a ton! And that make a huge difference. Thanks mom!
Final product turned out to be an entirely new kitchen!!

BEFORE (dark red and super light cabinets with old gross white plastic knobs)
Excuse the mess...

AFTER! (dark cabinets, updated hardware and an awesome grayish/blue calming color)

Next is touching up my living area and entrance hallway. Right now, it's kind of a light beige-ish. Not bad, great neutral, but needs a new coat and an update. I'm going with a super light gray and I love it! Pics to come! And this is all after my bedroom went from an apple green to white :) 

Clearly, I loved my bold colors when I first moved in and while I still like them, I really needed to tone it down and make my place more modern and 'grown-up' lol and I'm loving every minute of it! 

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