Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dear Jackson

You are six months old!
And I cannot believe it.

Your brother is turning 3. Yes THREE and I am in awe!
Time sure does fly and I love watching you grow up!
You are one of the chunkiest little turds, like, ever.
I mean, you won't make it on Maury being 500 pounds at a year old, but you're still creeping up those lbs and I love every single one of those rolls you are rocking!
But, it's probably about time to start moving and shaking a bit :)
I'm just saying.
You have a smile that melts hearts.
Seriously. You are such a beautiful boy!
You are going to be a heartbreaker!
You are a pretty happy boy (except when you are hungry - clearly) lol
Your brother, surprisingly, leaves you alone most of the time.
But I think is a pretty good helper when mom and dad need him to be.

He's gonna beat you up, steal your toys and push you down more times than you'll want, but I have a feeling you'll roll with it and dish it back when necessary.
It's OK. If mom yells, just tell her your auntie said you are just boys being boys :)
She'll understand!
Always remember your auntie adores you.
You are the one and only good thing that has happen thus far in 2014!
Milk it up buddy!
You are one special boy!
You gotta work on your drooling though...
dude, it's gross.
You literally just pour out saliva.
All. The. Time.
Non. Stop.
Your auntie cannot handle that so please don't mistake me not holding you 24/7 as a disliking.
It's just a matter of me not liking drool baths...

On that note :)
I love you Jackson!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Clearly the "cranky when hungry" phenomena runs in the family! Just sayin'!

Keep droolin' Jackson! It sounded like your auntie was tellin' you to stop - but really she LOVES it! So give her more droooooool! :P