Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parties and Billy Joel

Matthew and I don't get out very often.
I mean, we do, but we aren't weekend out people.
Mostly because we have a child every weekend and we have settled into the parenting role pretty well and partly because we were never really party peeps or bar peeps or staying out past 11 on a weekend night peeps. lol
Yes, after I say/read that out loud we sound a bit ridiculous, but who cares.
I'd rather be in with some popcorn, a good movie, and some couch time with family/friends than overstimulation at a bar. 

Now that that reality is out there for everyone, let's move on, shall we? 
We were invited to my Premier Grandma's (she's not really grandma age, it's just the way the tiers are in our group), birthday party this weekend!
She had it on the rooftop suite of a hotel in downtown Louisville, 21C AND it was pretty awesome ;) 
It was 70's inspired attire/decor, so many afros were worn lol 
It was super fun though :) 
We needed a night out!

Sunda we had tickets for Billy Joel! WOOT
Apparently, Matthew LOVES Billy Joel and I had no idea till about 2 months ago we saw a commercial that he was coming to the YUM Center here and Matthew about peed his pants! lol
I checked tickets online and was like, honey, I love you, but I'm not spending that kind of money on a concert where I might know like 4 songs. lol
And as fate made it happen, Lora, my Premier grandma had found better tickets for an even better price and we were sold! 
So, we headed downtown again and saw a great concert!

Gavin DeGraw opened and I LOVE him! He walked through the audience on his last song!! 
So close yet so time maybe. 

He was RIGHT THERE!!! And he gave his hat to someone! 

Then the headliner Mr. Joel himself came out and really did give an awesome show.
It made my heart twinge and little because it's always been a dream of mine to be on a stage like that. 
I tried going to school for music production because my nerves would never allow me to actually be on a stage where 22,000 people were looking at me! 
I would for sure pee in front of EVERYONE and that's just awkward...
But we had an amazing view of the sound boards and the whole production crew and I loved it. 
I knew who was controlling lights and movements! 

Let me just say the man stills knows how to play some keys!! Wowza! 
Impressive to say the very least. 
He did an amazing job and I was really glad that we went!!
Sorry for the dark pics, but it's all I had to work with. 

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