Monday, April 7, 2014

Here's What's Been Going Down

And yet again, it's been a while.
If you haven't figured it out, when life starts to get a little crazy, a little hard, exciting, overwhelming, whatever, I tend to back off.
I want this blog to be about me and remember moments in my life because let's face it, I'm 28 and barely remember last week.
But I'm an emotional person and I tend to become a bit recluse when things get overwhelming for me.
And at the same time, when things get exciting I tend to forget to take pictures and write things down to document for this blog.
And sometimes that means I just have to take a break, regroup and let those emotions set in.
And other time just tell myself to stop being a girl :)

Let's give a quick recap on what's been going on the last 4 weeks, eh?
So, I had a Premier party about 4 weeks ago.
My first one in probably a year?!
Yeah, my anxiety levels have only gone up in the last 12 months or so and it's made it difficult for me to reach out and take that initiative with my business.
I'm struggling with my career paths and where I'm supposed to be.
I'm exploring other options of becoming a business owner and figuring out my passions.
While fashion and jewelry is one of my passions, I would rather be in a store selling it, doing shows/private parties there.

It's a comfort thing and yes going out of your comfort zone is a must and I'm slowly learning where my lines are drawn and where I need to take huge leaps.
I'm really starting to itch for something that truly makes me happy, so please pray for me to start moving in that direction and take those leaps to really be successful in this life!

Matthew and I have met two couples who we are really connecting with and enjoy spending time with. We met them at the Love Life Check Up Church group we started going to back in January and when it ended, we decided we still wanted to keep in touch and hang out!
We actually just started a Bible study together this week, so we're excited about that!

I finally got back to Uptown and painted! Woot! Of course I branched (pun intended) out and did my own colors. The original was supposed to be a yellow background and I'm just not a huge fan, so I did my own thing and I really like how it turned out :)

Kassie came home for a bridal shower a couple weeks ago and it was so great to see her and others I haven't seen in a while! Only a couple more months till the wedding! I'm excited to go up to RI and see her marry Andrew. They have such an amazing relationship and I'm so happy she's found someone that truly respects and cares for her; accepts her fully as herself and just supports and encourages her to no end. Of course she does the same back to him and that's what makes it work!

I can't wait to celebrate with them in June! I've got to get out trip planned! Woot!

We started our small group last week! It is going to be fun! These couples are awesome and I'm really excited to get to know them and continue growing our friendships!
Matthew and I also had an eventful weekend!
We went out to a rooftop birthday party and got to see Billy Joel in concert last night!
More to come on all that later!

Happy Monday lovelies!

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