Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lion King Theme Songs and Smell the Fart Acting

Today we're expected to get 5-7 inches of snow and about a half inch or less of ice.
Warnings have been coming since early in the week, but most of those have been some heavy rain with a slight ice accumulation possible.
I could totally be a weather woman, right?
So when I woke up today and saw the alerts were now for like a foot of snow AND ice, we made a very conscious decision to just not do anything today. (like we would have anyway, but go with me here).

Every other weekend we get Sunday to have our 'lazy' day.
Not do a whole lot, chill and veg out, catch up on episodes of whatever series we're watching at that time.
This weekend we had Nevaeh, so it was a weekend full of entertainment.
BUT because of the weather warnings, we took her back early to ensure everyone's safety.
I went to late Church(fuse the first sunday of every month my Church only has one service. Something about building community between the two services...) and Matthew took Nevaeh back to her mom.
I decided to take Matthew to Qdoba for some delicious grub afterwards.
Actually, he paid, but we're married, so at this point it's all a wash, right?
Whatever is mine is mine and whatever is his is mine? That's how it goes, right dad? hehe
We I then proceeded to put on sweats and call it a day.
Which means, I changed as fast as I could and started a load of laundry so I could feel somewhat productive.
Then dove into readying blogs, updating posts, creating posts, etc.
All while Mathew is catching up on 24.
We started it a couple years ago and got through the first season, but never went back
After being off work 4 whole weeks from surgery, he's needed something to keep him going.
He finish LOST in about 3 weeks, so this past week has been consumed with 24.
Our Wii basically hates him these days and likes to randomly freeze and make this God awful sound...
You would too if you were left on 24/7 for FOUR WEEKS!
Any who, this has been his life for 3+ weeks...
Disregard our ridiculous unordered house. I regressed after attempting to pick up everyday.
It's tough when your home all day and can't do much.
Plus, I've had no motivation as no one comes to our house, so eh it's got that lived in look, right?
Luckily he's been able to vacuum, dust, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, and even start some laundry in the last couple weeks.

and this is what happened when he found out he would be off work for a while....
This girl is very happy for a work rule of always shaving.

So far today, over the last few hours, we've tortured the dog and by torture, I mean Matthew has held him up while singing the Lion King song (wrong, might I add) and then proceeded to show me Joey's 'smell the fart' acting, when he found out of I was taking pics of him sitting on the couch.

I've successfully gotten him to get me coffee and fix the Keurig without having to get up, but got some sass in the process. I'm still working on him.

Gizmo has successfully stayed away from Matthew to avoid any further torment, but is not amused in the least of me trying to capture his cuteness.

OH and in case you were wondering, we still have gotten NO bad weather....
Good job weather peeps...good job. Lock down airports and close businesses today for nothing. 

AND let the countdown officially begin for the nuggets arrival!!! 
Chelsie is due on the 11th, which means any day now!
I bet on the 4th and 14th. 
Come on baby J! 

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