Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Nugget (aka Muffin)

Jackson Thomas, you sure came into this world with a bang!
You wanted everyone to know you were ready to face what life was going to throw at you and you were going to do it your way.
You decided to to make your mom squirm a bit all week.
I'm pretty sure she had a few choice words for that, but you'll have to wait till your older to learn those.

We barely made it to the hospital for your grammy to help your mom and dad bring you into the world.
Apparently, you got a little rambunctious and had a dance party on your way out, wrapping the umbilical cord around your neck!
Bet that didn't feel good!
I think the whole process scared you a bit cause a few things came out that shouldn't have and the whole NIC unit was in your room on standby.
Thankfully, you were all good and didn't need any major care, but you had everyone a little nervous there for a few!
You also decided that the middle of the night was the best time to come....really?
you just had to follow your brothers foot steps??
At least you came faster. Gotta give you credit for that.
We sat in the hospital for an entire day with your brother.
He took forever!
Anyway, you came home in just a couple days and we all Ooed and Ahhed over you for hours.
You were never left un-touched, un-kissed, un-snuggled and you that probably hasn't changed since I got home.

You were born into a pretty amazing family muffin head.
Your parents will love you like you wouldn't believe and your brother, well, he'll probably come around some day.
Right now, he just seems to ignore you.
I mean, it's not like you can talk to him or play trains with him.
You can't even hold your head up, so at this point, you are useless to him.
But for the rest of us, it's kisses and amazement.
You will always hold a special place in all our hearts and I can't wait to see you grow.
I have no doubt you'll be an incredible little boy and you always have your auntie here to bail you out :)
For now, you just work on producing some royally disgusting diapers for your momma and daddy :)

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Crystal said...

Is he the cutest little thing or what!?!