Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ode to my belly button ring

That's right folks.
This almost 28 year old still has(had) a belly button ring.
AND it's time for that to end.
It was cool and fun 10 years ago when I got it, but now a days, it's just a pain in my stomach.
Sometimes my pants get caught on it or I lean over sitting at my desk, you know, cause I can't see my monitor, or because I've stared at it all day, the letters start to just blur together....
Well, it's gets stuck.
And it's annoying and hurts.
I haven't changed it or taken it out in over 4 years; possibly 5...
Good thing I at least moved it around daily or I'd have a belly button ring for life!
Or when my belly starts growing it would eventually just pop out....OUCH
So, here is to all those who took their rings out way before that point where they felt like they were holding on to their childhood by their belly button.
You're clearly more mature than I am.
Or maybe you just had babies before me.
OR maybe I'm just lazy...yeah, that's probably the legit answer.
Happy days belly button ring.
You've pretty much done nothing for me, but leave a ridiculous hole in my stomach and make my belly button droopy....
My stomach now looks sad all the time.

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Ashlee @ said...

I can so relate. I took mine out at 25 (now 28). I figured it was time to retire it. I hadn't changed it maybe two times since I got it at 18. Now I have that same droopy hole, booooo. :(