Friday, January 31, 2014

A Heart for Dogs/Animals

This past weekend, we got to watch a friends dog :)
They go to my Church and they've been a part of my life for a long time.
I used to watch their Schnauzer way back when…in fact, one died in my car.
To my defense, she was older and sick and had a stroke :(

Moving up for that downer!
They recently got a new puppy.
A Biewer Terrier and she is the cutest little baby girl!

gorgeous little thing, right??

a snuggled like my Giz!

a peanut that weighs no more than a couple pounds!

and she adored Giz :) 

So my point here, is that I melt for animals; dogs especially! 
I want them all to be inside, warm, full bellies, happy, with lots of toys and water! 
This little thing just made me want another puppy! 
But more for the puppy phase of it and also a playmate for Giz.
I know he misses Max, but what's funny is, he enjoyed her being here, but almost just collapsed into me the night she left and was so playful and attentive the next day. 
 I think he got a little jealous :) 
And worn out cause she has a lot of energy! lol
Giz was on alert 24/7, as well, which didn't help his spunky self :) 
Maybe when we get a house and have more room, we'll talk about getting Giz a friend!
I just love animals so much.
I want my house to be a rescue shelter so I can love on them and play with them and spoil them! lol

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