Thursday, December 19, 2013

No Excuses...

I don't have any…except I've just been busy…and blah…and have a lot of drafts, but nothing I felt like posting, and adjusting to married life, and painting, and working a lot, and getting life together.

So I guess I do have excuses!
Whew! I was worried I really had no excuse for not writing!

Tell me he is not precious!!!

Now that we're past that, let's recap the last two months, eh?
I won't give you ALL the details, cause we could be here a WHILE.
I'll just give you the 30,00 foot view!
I have no idea who came up with that phrase, but I'm running with it.

The weekend after Halloween, my parents and I went up north to my Godparents, well, sort of.
So, My Godfather and his daughters threw my Godmother a surprise birthday party!
Of course we had to go!
So, I took off of work and headed up that Friday.
I went and spent most of that weekend with Becky and her family.
I met her at school (she's a teacher) and we headed to pick up her kids from school (they had no idea I was coming…Or did they?!).
When we arrived at their school, you could see the smiles on their faces and they started to tell their friends someone 'unusual' was here with mom to pick them up!
They were so excited to see me and I love that!
These kids are true blessings from God and they are such GOOD kids!
I cannot even tell you how good.
They really are.
So respectful and sweet and smart, and independent at their age!
I love it!
We hung out Friday, did some shopping, prepped for the party and just enjoyed the company.
I love this family. I really do.
The party was Saturday and it was SO fun!
We know all of their family and friends and that makes it a blast to be up there with them!
My Godmother was so surprised!! YAY

Not much happened after that, until mid November when Matthew hurt his arm at work.
and let me interject with, It's now December 19th and we still have NO answers….
Oy vey.
He hurt it lifting something and because it's workers comp, it's taken forever to get to the right doctors, medical care, testing, etc.
I cannot believe it takes so much effort to get help….
He was in a sling for a few weeks, on pain meds and now he's got a cortisone shot and some physical therapy.
He goes in for an MRI on the 23rd, so let's hope we get some answers then!
Holy geez peeps!
I'll update when we have some information! (probably in like February…)

We spent the weekend before Thanksgiving with Matthew's family.
Delicious food, fun, and family! It was great!
I headed down to Nashville that Wednesday after work to paint with my mom, sis, and friend Andrea :)

Thursday morning Matthew and Nevaeh headed down to spend Thanksgiving with everyone!
We cooked, watched movies, relaxed, and had fun. 
Friday we all came home and did some more relaxing lol 

Work has been busy, life has been busy, trying to decorate and get things organized has been insane. 
I'm over it lol

Last weekend my mom and I went to a Christmas Fair here in Louisville! 
Tons of different booths and crafts and well….stuff!
Overwhelming, but we got some cute things :)

Now it's prepping for Christmas! 
Something I am usually on the ball with, but lately, time is flying so fast!
That stupid week we lost between Thanksgiving and Christmas! UGH

Luckily, my family is scaling down on gifts, so I don't have to go ALL out. 
I can pick the best couple and run with it.
It's not about the presents anyway. 
It's just fun to spend time together ;)
Plus, everyone usually gets what they want throughout the year, when they want it! lol
We'll spend Christmas Eve with Matthew's family and Christmas day with my family.
Our holidays work out really well, now! 
Let's hope it's always like that! 

Oh and my Premier Jewelry Christmas party is this Friday! 
And it's an ugly sweater party. Yeah baby!
Crystal and I made our sweaters last night :) 
Quality right there!

Now it's off to finish some last minute shopping!
Wish us luck…I can only imagine the amount of people doing the same thing and the lines and the bows being thrown! 
People get extra CRANKY around the holidays!!

Ba hum bug!

Happy Thursday ;) It's good to be back!

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