Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's madness I tell you!

I love tech stuff. Whether I understand it or not, I am fascinated by the things we can create and the functions of something that doesn't "plug" in or 'connect'.
From our very first computer to the small human sized video camera we used to carry around, it is so incredibly interesting to see where our world has come from and hard to fathom where it is going.
I mean, I can just click a button and VIDEO CHAT with anyone!
Seriously, it's creepy and weird and amazing and convenient, right?
I recently gave away a TV that was a BOX...that means you couldn't just put it flush on a wall. It would stick out like, well, a box!
Up till about 2 years ago, Matthew (who is older, P.S.) was still using a FLIP PHONE!
(With duct tape, Carrie Bradshaw style)
Hurts my heart that my kids may never ever know what that is.

I think I get it from my dad. The man can BUILD a computer.
Like not just put the plastic pieces on and plug it in, but BUILD it!
From mother boards to ram to memory....he knows it inside and out and that amazes me!

Recently, I decided it'd be an awesome idea to drop my phone in a bowl of water!
Brilliant, right?
And about 6 months ago I thought it a great idea to drop it face down in the parking lot and crack the front of the screen.
Now, I take great pride in taking care of things.
I'm not one to let something die or get scratched or leave it to wither.
I know the value of things and choose to get full life out of it, so I was super sad about the crack and immediately became more conscience of how I was holding it and what I was doing when I had it in hand.

The bowl of water?
Well I never even saw that coming...I should have, but I didn't and thankfully I read up on things and I busted out the massive box of rice I have in the pantry and snuggled it in for a nap...
It was doomed from the beginning though with those cracks.
It napped in rice for a couple hours and the verdict wasn't good.
My speakers had gotten all jacked up.
I couldn't hear when calling or someone calling me...
and my keypad sounds weren't working.
For someone that uses her personal phone for business as well, this was no bueno.
Matthew got home and we headed to the Verizon store.

We decided we mine as well get our own phone accounts together and this was a good opportunity to do so.
After an HOUR AND A HALF (I hate cell phone services) we walked out with a contract and new phones on order.
We HAD to upgrade, duh!!! I wasn't going to use a useless phone for TWO more years and I've secretly been just waiting for the chance to get the 5s.
Matthew got black, I got white :)

I'm telling you I love technology!
I search apps that will better help my organization and list making OCD...yet I still carry around a planner that I can hand write and cross things off in.
I have problems
I am constantly wanting to learn more about technology and the things this world offers.
It's absolutely, completely over my head, but it fascinates me so much!
I'll explain more in my "what I want to be when I grow up post" Coming Soon!!

For now we wait....and wait....and wait for our new little technology, information filled devices that seem to control our lives these days.
I'm lost without my phone and I pray I am always savvy enough to quickly learn how things work and what they can do.
The amount of information is over my head, but I love trying to learn more every day.
Maybe by the time I die, I'll be classified as a GENIUS!
(mom, dad, Matthew! STOP laughing)

Till then, I will continue to pray my phone stays alive for another few days!! AHHH

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