Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Sweet Boys

Because of course I think I have the cutest, sweetest dogs ever :)
OK, so I may be just a little biased, but still. 
Check 'em out!
Max is my oldest baby. 
I got him the day I moved into my condo. 
We both got a new home that day and bonded quickly :) 
About 10 month or so after I got Max, we discovered he had a liver condition.
One that can make him sick if not treated, with surgery.
With our luck he has the inoperable kind, but that doesn't mean he's still going to live a long and happy life :) 
He has a monitored diet and takes meds twice a day.
Not a bad deal for life, right!
He's my sensitive one. 
And he's my lover.
He will kiss you till you have nothing left on your face. 
He constantly wants your approval and attention and listens like no other.
He's also stubborn as hell! lol
Never has been a snuggle bug, but loves to be 'near' me. 
Rarely do I get a little snuggle out of him and I cherish that little moments.
He's the smartest dog I've known in a while and he will always hold an extra special place in my heart. 

Tell me you couldn't see his precious face on a calendar someday!!

Gizmo is our second little stink pot. 
Matthew and I decided to get another dog about a year ago in July. 
Gizmo is the spunkiest dog ever!
He is full of life, loves to play and the best snuggler I know!
He is so sweet, craves your attention and absolutely adores Max!
Not really sure Max feels the same way, but we won't let Gizmo know (he's not the brightest crayon in his litter). :)
He is entertaining and hilarious. I laugh at him a lot! 
The awesome thing is that they are half brothers.
Same momma, different daddy ;) 
Max is very much his mom when it comes to looks and I assume Gizmo is very much his dad :)
I love that about them!
They are so incredibly different and that makes it so much more interesting and fun!

The tongue out is NOT uncommon in this household. He must not have enough room in that tiny mouth of his to hold it all in! 

Lately, I've just had the humungous desire to save all animals! lol
I should go work at a shelter or be a VET, but I'd probably end up brining all of them home!
I hate to see innocent animals beaten and neglected!
Why do people feel that is right??? They can't defend themselves!
It's sad...same goes for children, but that's a whole other post/rant that I won't subject you to today.

It's an awesome and rainy Sunday here! Only things on the agenda will be Church and finishing my taxes(don't ask).  The rest may or may not be filled with complete laziness...oh and probably laundry and cleaning...and maybe some work. UGH 
I can't ever feel good about doing nothing!
There is always something to be doing...

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