Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Golf Pro in the Making

NO I did not go to the driving range!
Well, ok technically yes, but I didn't hit anything.
I went for moral support of Matthew.
You know, being the awesome newlywed that I am! :)
Points for me! WOOT
So, we went a couple weeks ago because he wanted to get in some 'practice' before he went out with some guys from work.
HA, I told him one night ain't gonna make a difference!
(Yeah, that's not what you are supposed to say)
We got some mexican and went out on a full belly to burn off some beans and work on his swing!
Look at that form!!

I'm thinking his right arm wasn't right, but you know...he didn't want MY input... whatevs!

Instead I just stepped up and showed him how it was done! 
Yeah...I'm a lefty...his clubs were righty's. 
You can figure out how it went down.

BUT, I do think I hit at least one ball! And a decent distance too!

Who am I kidding...sorry, but golf is boring :(
I played candy crush most of the time we were there lol 
Hey, if he likes it then that's fine by me!

I just won't be that wife that tags along on those kind of things, which I am sure him and his 'boys' will be perfectly fine with! lol

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