Monday, October 7, 2013

Addictions and Obsessions

There I said it.
I have addictions and obsessions...
As if you didn't know already, but here is the thing.
I'm a girl who likes things.
Call me materialistic if you will, but it's not a necessity.
It's not a lifestyle thing.
It's not because of status or because I think people will like me better.
I'm not even a legit collector.
I just can be impulsive and like pretty things. lol
Makes me sound shallow, but I'm really not. I promise...

Here are a few of my obsessions and addictions.

Nail Polish - I swear I want to buy a new Essie color every time I am at Target!
Kicker here? I randomly get my nails done! Which means only my toes get painted on a semi-regular basis and let's be honest about my feet.
They aren't cute.
They are gross and I don't take care of them because I hate feet.
So painting them gets done when I think there is a slight chance someone might see them who will judge.
Basically, I need to be doing my own nails more often.
It'll save me money for more polish colors! Oy Vey...

Make-up - This one probably isn't a humungous surprise, but I love make-up.
And before I begin, let me just blame my mother on this one! If only I had a picture of her amazing make-up drawer!
You'd all be jealous. It's pretty badass. Not even gonna lie about it.
I don't buy anything expensive.
In fact, I am super cheap when it comes to make-up!
I want it all and I want something good, but I don't want to pay for it.
Best discovery yet?
ELF. Yup. E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face)
Most awesome make-up company EVER.
Why? Because they have great make-up for super cheap!
And the cheap is only the price.
 Not the product.
I normally have very sensitive skin, so certain brands didn't work for me, others dried it out, some just didn't sit right and others I never found the right color.
I think I saw ELF on a blog and I haven't gone back since.
Sometimes I'll still branch out.
I might see a sale or hear about a new product and want to try it (Hence the addiction)
But I have always loved make-up.
I would love to have gone to cosmetology school and done both make-up and hair!
I'm not great at either, but I love to do both, therefore I am sure I'd be eager to learn and get better!

Cami's/tank tops - I love to layer. What can I say??
I have a drawer the point where it barely shuts and I have days where I'm digging through to find the right tank and I actually have the thought, "that is so cute! I forgot I had that!"....yeah.
I have issues.

Jeans - I can't say enough good things here.
It's true.
If I could wear jeans every single day, I probably would most days.
Maybe throw in a dress now and then, but jeans are amazing!!
You can make them super dressy or super casual and I love that challenge and versatility.
I love having that favorite pair!
I am sure I own at least 10 and I constantly think about getting more...
Every pair has it use though!
Dressy, cleaning, casual, fat, skinny, etc.

Shoes - Do we even have to go here? Seriously? Flats, heels, sandals, boots...
I know I've shown my walk-in closet full of shoes on the bottom!
Rows and piles of them!
Funny thing here, is this is where I shouldn't be as stingy on price.
I mean, you wear them all day, you're hard on them, they can wear down quickly, so usually getting a 'better' brand of shoe is worth it because they'll last longer.
Oh no. I cringe when a shoe is like $20-$30 dollars! lol
I have issues...I guess it's cute quantity over quality for me.
I should really rethink that whole thing...

Handbags - I used to be SOOO bad about this. I would change it almost daily.
And I'm not even kidding about that. Then I started finding more 'neutral' bags that would go with more outfits and be a bit more versatile.
I had to start weeding out my bags because it was getting way crazy and a bit out of hand.
Now, it's more tote bags and just fun cute large bags.
I'm all over carrying a bunch of stuff I don't need on daily basis lol
It's good on the shoulders!
You should try it!

Organization - Anything that involves getting things organized or more visible or clean, neat, whatever!
I am all over it! I love lists and pens and notebooks and planners!
I love new ideas and space saving opportunities, that keep things classy and cute!
I miss school ONLY because of new backpacks, pencils, organizers, notebooks, binders!!
I remember being PUMPED after school supply shopping and rushing home to pack my backpack weeks before school actually started....I am a dork.

Painting - Lately I've been a painting fool! I LOVE it! It's fun and relaxing, in a weird way, and just an expression of art.
I like adding details and seeing the perspective out of so many's eyes.
Yeah, we have an instructor and they all kind of look alike, but there are those differences that make it unique and I really love that!
I've even painted at home a few times and I just adore it!

Those are my major addictions and obsessions for now....
Kind of a lot.
I have problems...
I only forgot one.
But we all know I am obsessed with eating, right?
I mean, most of my grocery shopping could feed a fam of four if I tried, but I'm usually the only one eating most of it.
Pretty sad I know.
I'm always looking for more easy dinner meals too!!

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