Monday, September 23, 2013

What does your coffee say about you

I've been drinking coffee since I was about 15 or so.
Thanks to a cruise and my best friend/sister/cousin Kelly! (too long an explanation for all the names. Just go with it)
We were sitting one night, I think at dinner, and she gussies up a cup of coffee!
At the time, not knowing any better, I let her convince me that sugar and creamers were the way to go.
I quickly ventured to just black coffee and you rarely see me without it at work these days.
It's delicious!
It keeps me warms.
It sometimes keeps me awake! (I think my body is so used to it)
And it keeps your metabolism rolling so I'm more energetic.

I was listening to the Lambert and Lindsay show the other morning, as I do every morning and they were talking about what your coffee says about you!

Uh, this girls ears perked right up!
I was really excited to find out what my coffee said about me and if it was accurate or not.

So here is a quick run down and the link to the full article is below.
I am a straight up black coffee kind of girl...
Apparently, I fall in the category of being 'no-nonsense' individual and straightforward.
i like to keep things simple, can be quiet and moody(Matthew couldn't agree more) and pretty set in my ways. (not even going to argue with that one!)
Being abrupt and dismissive were also traits, but I find those harder to see in myself.

Are you an extra foam coffee drinker? Like a cappuccino more than most? You are obsessive and controlling, whereas a latte drinker goes out of their way to please others.
What's ironic here, is my drink of choice at a coffee place would be a latte. BOOM (that trait is pretty true about me too)
Latte drinkers also tended to be more neurotic and happy to go out of their way to hep others, but don't take as much care of themselves.
The whole survey assessed numerous personality styles and traits, such as introversion and extraversion, patience, sensitivities and many others.

Check it out here! It's pretty awesome!
What does your coffee say about you??

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Crystal said...

Darn it! I couldn't assess myself because I'm not a coffee drinker! I know... Say What!?! BUT, I did assess the hubs... he is considered to be an overgrown kid and can sometimes be reckless. LOL! Yep, that's my hubby! :)